Some words about good and bad

The problem of good and bad is probably as old as mankind. And still it is full of misunderstandings and half-truths.

So we have typical statements like these:

“Yes, good and bad exists.”

“Good and bad are relative terms, so they have no real meaning.”

“God is good and the devil is evil.”

“Everything is good.”

“Good is bad and bad is good.”

“Everything is equal.”

And so on. Such statements are quite controversial, indeed quite confusing for normal people and students who walks the spiritual path. Is it a matter of belief? A matter of perspective? A matter of being on the right side to benefit? Is it a matter of enlightenment? A matter of the ego?

To make it short – the answer depends on the perspective you take. And the wise man knows all different perspectives or aspects of this problem as he completely understands it.

Beyond creation there is divine unity. From this unity creation has unfolded by following the law of polarity. So if there is a male principle then there must be a female principle. Yin and Yang or fire and water, etc. Because without any differentiation no creation is imaginable. If there is pure unity how could there be something else like creatures or created worlds? Quite simple and logical. And polarity is quite neutral or basically good as there is no “evil” in it. Besides fire and water or yin and yang we have also the polarity of the constructing forces and the destructing forces. But again, if you construct or create something then there must be also the possibility to remove or destroy it. This is neutral too, or basically good and logical.

Now we come to an important point. Let´s go back to the idea of divine unity. In this state all powers, all virtues, all ideas, in fact everything of creation is contained. It is the absolute fullness. Now this perfect state unfolds in form of polarity to develop worlds, creatures, different planes of existence, etc. The greater the distance of these planes of existence to the state of unity is, the less abundance is available. Respectively the fullness of spirit of the state of unity converts into the fullness of matter. And this can be seen as the polarity of light (spirit) and darkness (matter). Imagine you are a resident of heaven, the spiritual world which is directly nourished by the fullness of God. There are only happiness and abundance to experience as the state of unity can be felt. Quite the contrary you experience separation in the material world. Here is material abundance but the uniting spirit is not really available. The frequency is too low here. So people believe in their independent existence here and that they have to fight for limited resources of food, energy, happiness, etc. In the material world everything is limited while in the spiritual world there are no limits but pure fullness. To put it simple: In heaven you are permanently nourished with all you need as you are directly at the source of life and in the material world you have to feed yourself from all kinds of sources.

So up in heaven we have the mindset of abundance and in the world of matter we have the mindset of deficiency. Abundance is positive and deficiency is negative. But even these states are quite neutral when you look at them as natural effects which are caused by the work of the principle of polarity. When there are worlds of high frequency (spirit) then there must be also worlds with low frequency (matter). And because of these differences there are also different laws of nature at work. While in the spiritual worlds the nourishing energy is free available, the nourishing energy in the material world is bound by matter. So creatures are forced to destroy the forms or bodies of other creatures to nourish themselves.

We can say that this state of deficiency on the lower planes of existence is the main factor which causes suffering and suffering is a state where you feel bad. In abundance you feel good.

So far we can say that from the higher perspective of nature and laws of nature everything is quite neutral respectively in its origins positive and logical. Nevertheless the unfolding of creation gave space to the experience of deficiency and suffering which is simply bad for those who are concerned.

Let´s go on. While we are incarnated here on earth, we have to face the material world with all its limitations and limited sources of energy, of nourishment, of happiness, etc. We are somehow cut from heaven, from the fullness of the spiritual world and we are subject to many illusions which come along with this separation (the veils of Maya).

This situation leads to the phenomenon that some “smart” and unscrupulous people manipulate others so that they do not need to care for energy by themselves but have their “slaves” to work for them. This is this parasitic behavior which causes a lot of suffering and which is bad for sure.

If you ask now such a parasite then he would say that it is good but if you ask the slave then he would say that it is bad. Regarding the principle of divine love, an aspect of the principle of unity, it is bad for sure.

Now let´s move from this higher ideas towards the single human being. What is good or bad regarding a human being?

When we examine the characteristics of the human personality then we can find qualities which are supportive and useful in life and those which are destructive, which are a matter of disorder, of illness. So it is easy to call the supportive qualities good and the self-destructive qualities bad. In fact everyone prefers useful qualities instead of qualities which cause problems. In a further perspective we can examine that the supportive qualities have a higher, healthy frequency, that they are vital and with this positive. In contrary the negative qualities lack of vitality. They have a low frequency. They are wasted energies, bad and ill energies and so they cause problems in the human energy system. And they are the food of parasites which torture the human host. So in conclusion we can easily see the differences between good and bad.

If someone talks about good and bad then we have to question his intentions, also his degree of wisdom. Unfortunately it is a wide spread phenomenon that higher truths are perverted into half-truths which fit the selfish needs of those who proclaim them.

Keep yourself vital, stay in the light, take part in the divine fullness, be good, do good, receive good!