Forgiveness Meditation

Forgiveness is a master key for healing. It is an aspect of love, of compassion, of understanding and with this of wisdom. The laws of nature work in a merciless way and so does karma. Karma is neutral and so it is not punishment although people perceive it like this. The point here is that we are our own judges and our own punishers. This has its sense but for everyone there comes a point where punishment and suffering has to end. And besides this there are also other ways to balance your bad actions, your mistakes. So in best case you are able to understand why you are suffering, that it was you who has caused it and that it is up to you to change it.

In fact we all need forgiveness. We all need mercy. We all need understanding. And we all need lots of love. And when this all is given then healing can take place.

Indeed we are often our worst enemies, completely merciless, hard and more than critical in our self-perception. This is neither really good nor healthy.

In fact we have to learn to forgive ourselves as well as others to break the unholy processes of karma.

If you think that healing could be useful for you, I would like to invite you to a meditation. So take your asana, calm down and close your eyes. Now speak the following sentences mentally and wait for the inner resonance of your soul. Become also aware of the differences:

“I deserve forgiveness.”

“I deserve unconditional love.”

“I deserve total healing.”

“I am able to forgive myself.”

“I am able to forgive those who hurt me.”

“I forgive myself in the name of love.”

“I forgive those who hurt me in the name of love.”

“I am forgiven!”

“I am loved!”

“I am healed!”

This meditation can give you a deep healing. And it can heal relationships. It touches the point in you which is fighting, which is suffering, which is asking for salvation and which can receive salvation now. I guess everyone knows such feelings.

May you receive forgiveness and salvation!

May you find peace and love!

May you receive a deep healing of all your wounds!