Opinions versus laws and logic

Human beings are a very funny species. They put their opinions in first place instead of orientating on laws of nature and logic. Indeed human beings are masters of projection, – of projecting their ideas, wishes and needs on others, on objects and situations. They do not ask for reality. Probably it is simply too boring or not really satisfying. Even if you present something obvious, something based on logic, many humans deny it. Archaeology and religion but also political topics and history are very popular fields for cultivating opinions instead of searching for the truth. But in fact most aspects of life are a matter of subconscious ideas and selfish wishes instead of being based on logic and best decisions.

So if you ask someone if he agrees to 3 x 3 = 9 you can get answers like this:

  • “Could be but I am not sure about it!”
  • “I don´t think so!”
  • “I prefer 7 as it is my number of fortune!”
  • “Let´s take 10 as it sounds better!”
  • “I don´t believe in mathematics!”
  • “Everyone can say so!”
  • “It is a coincidence!”
  • “If it is nine then something must be wrong with the equation!”
  • “I feel better with number two!”
  • “I want number eight!”
  • “I want a fair discussion about the result!”
  • “Let´s vote the result!”
  • “What says the doctor?”
  • Let´s show compassion and choose six instead of nine!”
  • “It is biology, so it must be twelve!”

And so on. This is a very simple example but in fact we can see such answers everywhere. People don´t care about scientific research or laws of nature or logic, they just prefer to create an individual opinion which fits into their philosophy. This is quite unhealthy but typical for humans.

For the spiritual path and success in life it makes more sense to orientate on laws of nature and to work in a scientific way. Things which we do not know can be handled flexible in form of theses which can be true but don´t have to. This makes life easier.

Quite often we can sense the ego, lower desires and simple ignorance behind opinions. And this attitude leads to fights which result in bad emotions but nothing of any value.