The “small problem” with Bardon´s system

Those who understand the meaning and value of Bardon´s work can see the perfection of his system, the system of the universal “tarot cards”. These symbolic pictures deal with all mysteries of creation, of God and mankind, and serve as a well-defined system of initiation. This system is not a human invention but origins from the higher spheres and has a universal character. It is universal and perfect and here we have the problem. The spheres, the primordial initiators beyond time and space, they have this eternal, absolute, ideal character which is far away, far above the limitations of the human world, or the material realms. Eternity has different “needs” than a human who is incarnated in the material world. Respectively eternity has no needs at all but pure perfection while the human being has countless needs, duties and challenges to face.

Every “tarot card” deals with a specific topic while all other mysteries and aspects of initiation belong to other tarot cards. This makes sense for sure but it does not fit the needs of a spiritual student, of a human being with all its challenges. The problem here is the step by step concept. You start with step one. After a longer time of training you can go on with step two. After a long time you can go on with step three, etc. And when you have finished the last step you can start with a new tarot card and a new topic of initiation. Somehow this makes sense but on the other hand it can take years until you work with the techniques and knowledge you need indeed right now.

For example the topic wisdom is very useful to understand and to imply in life, in the spiritual training and everywhere else. But it is the fourth tarot card and for most people it is already super hard to accomplish the first tarot card leaving alone the other cards. This means you can stay ignorant as long as you haven´t managed the three cards before the card of wisdom. On the other hand, if you know the keys of wisdom you would be able to make better progress in the first card.

But it already starts with the single steps of training in one tarot card. The knowledge of the higher steps can help you to master the first steps easier.

And a last important aspect is the fact that Bardon has revealed only four of 78 cards in total. This means only 5% of the whole knowledge about God, man and creation were revealed. This might be already much for a human but nothing all in all.

So in conclusion we have on the one hand absolute knowledge spread on a high number of initiation cards and on the other hand we have the incarnated student in his specific situation, facing a lot of problems, challenges, needs, wishes and mountains to climb which all takes super human powers. And unfortunately the absolute tarot cards do not provide “first aid” for the student to manage his problems. They say “Undergo the training and in some decades you will be (eventually) able to deal with your problems!” but this can be much too late.

Especially spiritual students often have to face countless problems as the material world does not really support spirituality, a spiritual life and a spiritual development in our days. Furthermore the student has to balance himself, his karma and this is often the biggest challenge on the path. Here it would be a great deal to receive guidance and technical support (by initiation). But this does not really work with Bardon´s system. Instead the student is forced to help himself somehow but who is so qualified that he is able to cope with all the problems of today? In fact today you need high quality knowledge in psychology, therapy, business and so on to create a good life and to achieve your goals, especially on the spiritual path.

In conclusion it would have been nice if Bardon has provided the “master knowledge” to manage the hard conditions of life easier for more energy to deal with the challenges of the spiritual path.

Somehow this situation is comparable with our official education system. You can go to school many years and you can undergo a specific training for your job but in most cases you will never learn what is really important for mastery in life, for happiness and success, for good health, etc. This special knowledge is spread over a few courses of study and very special educations. It is the key knowledge. All normal people learn only what they need to know to function perfectly in the slavery system. Even the intelligent ones stay ignorant in the end. Even those with a doctor or professor title. Key knowledge is in management teachings, in psychology, in psychotherapy, in hypnosis teachings, in spiritual teachings, etc.

All in all it makes sense to compress most important knowledge like a laser beam on points, – steps of training for highest efficiency, highest self-empowerment and best help to help yourself. A student is on his way to mastery in life. The earlier he gets all knowledge and all tools to master his challenges the better it is.

And exactly this is my concept of a holistic spiritual training, – to give you directly the knowledge and techniques to master your challenges now and not somewhere eventually in the future when it is too late and when you have spent your time on suffering instead on your development.

In fact we have no time as time is super expensive, pure luxury as we pay with hard work, with suffering, with being needy. Each and every incarnation is very expensive and we do not always have the chance to make great progress.

So my wish is to design a spiritual training in a way that you profit directly for your life, that you are able to deal with your challenges much better, – for more balance, more happiness and more success.

For this purpose I combine the key knowledge with the universal teachings of Bardon to realize the essence for mastery.

Independent from my visions it is good to understand that it is smart to gather high quality key knowledge to increase your efficiency, to reduce your effort and your suffering and to accomplish your aims in best way.

Suffering is not really nice. It is just a sign that changes are useful.

I wish everyone to make the most of his life, real happiness, good health, enlightenment and success.