Humans, refined humans and god-humans

Humans may appear all more or less similar in the material world but perceived on the higher planes of existence there can be great differences. We can differentiate between four main types. I speak about this topic just to support a better understanding of yourself and others and also about what can be accomplished in general.

The main differences show up in the size of the main chakras or energy centers and in the quality and power of the human energy.

Simplified we can say:

A normal human being has a focus on his ego – solar plexus chakra and on his sexual desires – sexual chakra. Today the intellect is well developed so that also often the Ajna chakra and maybe forehead chakra are also quite active. So this means that the solar plexus chakra, sexual chakra and maybe the intellect chakras are bigger in size than most of the other chakras. Indeed especially the heart chakra for compassion, selfless love, peace and the crown chakra for divine unity are underdeveloped in comparison with the other chakras. This means inter alia that it is hard for most people to go beyond their ego and their own needs. They also lack often of higher feelings and a connection to the divine realms. Their energy centers are not in a balance, – not developed in the same way.

When we look at someone who has major problems, who is psychically or mentally underdeveloped, then we see that corresponding chakras are underdeveloped too – they do not reach the normal size of the energy centers of normal humans. So the concerned persons cannot express themselves in the normal complete way.

In comparison when we look at spiritual people then we can see that their energy is refined and their chakras are more balanced, often there is also the case that the crown and heart chakra are bigger than the other chakras which is an imbalance too. Spiritual people are more connected to the higher realms, to heaven, than that they really are on earth which causes certainly problems in life.

A spiritual master has accomplished human perfection as he has developed all human qualities and powers in perfection and is well balanced in all centers. He can easily unite with the divine spirit and express him through his mind and soul. These highly refined human characteristics are very close to divine qualities or can be seen as divine already regarding human measures. When a spiritual master is united with the divine spirit we can call him a god-human.

There is only one step left which can be realized – the god in a human shell or the cosmic spirit in a human body. So far we spoke about the human and his refinement on the level of the microcosm. But beyond the microcosm – in the macrocosm – there the nature of powers and qualities change to cosmic degrees similar to the phenomenal powers of nature which are far beyond human powers. This is the realm of the macrocosmic God. By highest spiritual training the human being is able to adapt his energy system to the cosmic powers and then he becomes a cosmic spirit, a divine spirit which uses a human body to express himself. In this step his whole nature is divine and his human behavior is only playing on the surface. For a normal human being such a cosmic spirit is not comprehensible in any way.

So in conclusion we have the normal human being, the underdeveloped human being, the god-human and the cosmic spirit, – a real god in a human body. And a spiritual student is on his path of transformation.

In comparison with other beings like the diversity of animals we humans are the best developed vehicle/form for the divine spirit to express itself in a most complete way. But we are not the only ones. In the universe and also on our planet there have been different human beings, other mankinds, races, etc. with a different physical appearance in size, etc. What we all have in common is that we all can reach these higher states of being. We all are originally brothers in spirit as we are all from the same source.

So according to my studies there have been different “humans” in ancient history which are still known as “gods”, formerly known as teachers of (our) mankind and with interesting macrocosmic nature – in other words – highest initiates.

Creation and our earth provide so many interesting mysteries which offer so much for research. So creation will stay a place of fascination.