Working with the spirits of the spheres

Franz Bardon has published the most comprehensive work about the beings which care for the perfect function of creation. It is an amazing work to study in theory and much more when you can do it in practice. The beings, spirits are amazing, their knowledge, powers and qualities are amazing and their way of working is amazing.

These spirits were called gods and goddesses, beings of light, servants of God, etc. in former days. Today they are called angels, etc. They have been known in some form in all countries, all cultures and all religions in different appearances and with different names. The names which Bardon uses are all based on the cosmic language, which is used for creation.

Bardon explains the contact and the work with these spirits from the hermetic point of view. Here the human being has to show his spiritual-divine authority towards the spirits to be accepted. Certainly this can be done only by a highly refined person who has undergone a long spiritual training and development. Only then the person is respected as an ambassador of God, as a real authority in creation. When this authority is accepted, then the spirit is willing to support him in any way as he serves God with this. So indeed it is all about serving God and creation.

When you study Bardon´s explanations then you might think that nearly no one becomes worth to work in any way with spirits. But this is not true. Besides the lawful hermetic way of interaction people have used prayers throughout the centuries to receive help, blessings and insights by the spirits for all kinds of purposes.

For example a certain culture or religion has had a special god or goddess for medicine with the according qualities and powers of healing, healing treatments, etc. then the priests performed their rituals and prayers to contact this spirit to receive his help. And certainly the spirit is willing to help as it is his profession.

In fact all spirits are serving mankind and creation permanently with their influences, ideas, insights, powers, etc. So and thanks to the explanations of Bardon everyone has the chance to send prayers to a fitting spirit for help, insights and blessings.

The only thing what should be regarded is, that you should have a pure heart and best intentions. Otherwise you are connected to the dark side and then you will receive dark influences which are not healthy.

So a good prayer form your heart with best intentions and thankfulness can make the connection to the right spirit to send you blessings and guidance.

And probably I don´t have to emphasize it that there are many good spirits who are willing to help you in all aspects of life, business and certainly in your spiritual development.

For example you have maybe problems with the imagination exercises. So you can look it up in Bardon´s book and you will find Badet. He can bless you so that you develop your imagination skills in a good way.

The possibilities are endless. It is just up to you to use them for your benefit in a spiritual way.

And certainly one day you will be a temple of God, a real ambassador of the divine will, love and wisdom and then you will be respected as a true authority in creation and all spirits will help you to realize you divine missions.