What happens when you put spirit into a form?

Imagine you are a creator, standing in front of a vast ocean of pure spirit. You create a form, a body, a creature and you put spirit into it. You connect the spirit, – a drop of spirit from the vast ocean to this form. What happens? The anonym spirit gives life to the form and with the passing of time the spirit identifies with his body. The spirit becomes aware of himself. He says “I am!” He looks into a mirror and says “This is me!”

From one incarnation to the next the process of identification strengthens and the spirit identifies more and more with his form. One day he is no longer aware of his original nature. He is “lost” in creation but one day he will start searching for his true nature and he will discover that he is spirit from spirit. He will become aware that he is spirit with a body, an incarnated spirit. Then he understands and works on his development to unfold his whole nature.

We have two forms of perfection – the perfection of spirit as a vast ocean in purity and the perfection of the incarnated spirit where he has unfolded his nature completely. The first one can be called negative perfection and the second one positive perfection. Positive perfection is the great aim in life. Then you have gained all which can be gained. You experience the greatness of creation, of life and spirit.