How to connect with the underlying intelligence of creation?

Life means action and diversity, permanent change and dynamic. The basis of life is different. It is static, it means unity, all permeating, all connecting. It is the stillness on the ground of a lake while the surface is full of waves and very active. Creatures and creation are the waves on the surface of Akasha.

The point is now to dive from the world of waves, action down to the ground of the lake, to the all-connecting unity. It is the stillness of mind which wants to be experienced, where you leave the action of life behind yourself and discover the source of creation, the underlying intelligence. When you accomplish this, you are reconnected to the source, to God and you receive enlightenment.

When you continue your spiritual training then you melt more and more with Akasha and it becomes a part of your nature. You feel the deeper connection with all other creatures. You feel more and more rooted and reconnected in the natural-divine order. You know that you are a part of the greater whole.

Then you have healed and overcome the “fall of humanity”, the separation from God.

The desire to heal this separation stands behind life. It is the desire to heal this trauma. It is like losing your home, your family, like being drifted away into a foreign world. Although you settle down in this foreign country you feel that something important is missing. You do not know what it is exactly and you search everywhere in the outer realms. And one day you find it, – in yourself, the source of life, your roots and then the search is over, you enjoy your inner peace and harmony with creation. You are at home. A wonderful feeling.