Supporting SURA-ITF & your spiritual progress!

Do you need support for your spiritual development and Bardon training?

To support SURA-ITF I have decided to offer webinars  and consulting for

– answering your questions

– discussing all kinds of topics

– dissolving your blockades and bad karma

– supporting you in the development of skills

– and so on…
Our association needs money to work. So you can take part in my webinars to make progress and with your payments we can invest in the association. I think this is a good deal.

When the webdesign is ready we will create a great education system for spiritual-human development with organized forms of webinars and workshops. So the webinars now are a good prospect of a brighter future education.

You receive support on a professional level thanks to my comprehensive studies and my long term experiences with Bardon´s training. So I orientate on my normal consultant prices. Certainly I offer discount for all those who have financial problems. Please have in mind that you do two good things by taking part in my webinars – you help yourself and you help our association to grow.

Consulting offers to orientate on:

1 person per hour: 85 Euros including 19% taxes. Take a package of 3 hours and save 30 Euros: 225 Euros including 19% taxes

2 persons per hour and person: 65 Euros including 19% taxes. Take a package of 3 hours and save 30 Euros: 165 Euros including 19% taxes

3-6 persons per hour and person: 35 Euros including 19% taxes. Take a package of 10 hours and save 50 Euros: 300 Euros including 19% taxes

Individual offers can be made by agreement. If you are interested, then please write to me. Tell me what you need or wish for and if you look for others to reduce costs.

Thank you!