Support Project Bekaro: Fighting the invasion of evil beings!

Since the beginning of this year (2012) we observe an unlawful invasion of destructive, evil beings, parasites. It is a worldwide phenomenon. These beings come from realms which have normally no access to our world but for which reason ever, there have opened gates and cracks which allow them to enter. These beings are especially interested in bothering and blocking the servants of light to hinder their spiritual work on earth. They also pollute our realms with their dirty energies.

Iris Rinkenbach, a high initiate in Germany, has started the project Bekaro to fight the evil and to close their gates. Bekaro is a spirit / angel of the earthzone who takes part in this big cleaning process. Iris needs support as the work takes a lot of energy. She has prepared an energetic reservoir. In this reservoir everyone can put energy by calling three times the name Bekaro, imagining that a gate is opening to this reservoir to spend energy to it. You can give any kind of positive energy to charge it. After spending the energy call again three times Bekaro. Then the gate will be closed. The reservoir is guarded and safe. Bekaro supports the whole project to send the evil back where they belong and to help closing all unlawful gates. This work takes much energy and so we beg you to recharge often. Further information can be received by Iris Rinkenbach and me as I support her in translation. Please visit also her website Alrunia at facebook.

Thank you very much for your cooperation against the dark forces! Please share this request with all lightworkers for maximum effects. You can also join me and Iris on facebook for this project.

Meanwhile a huge amount of energy was spent already and Iris likes to say “Thank you!” for spending so far energy which is equivalent to 500 000 Bovis. A normal vital human has around 7000 Bovis. So this is a real good start! I thank you also cordially for your support and please keep spending energy to clear our realms from these dirty parasites.

Yours, Ray