Keys of wisdom for success

I write this article in dedication to the law of analogies. This great law says that one thing is similar to other things in creation. So when you understand one thing you can use your knowledge to understand another thing which is analogue to the first one.

For example take the keyword “organization”. You will discover that organization, independent from what is organized and from whom, has always similarities, similar factors and patterns, similar processes. So if you compare the organization of a task by animals, insects, human beings or machines you discover these analogies, similarities.

Another example, – think about development. All creatures undergo some kind of development which shows similarities, analogies. So when you understand that an animal baby has to grow, has to develop abilities to become an adult, to become mature for reproduction, then you are able to comprehend the same process for humans, plants and insects. There are differences but there are also important analogies which help you to comprehend.

And indeed all beings with a good degree of intelligence learn by comparison of something new, unknown with something they have understood already, which they have experienced, which they know. And it works well.

Using the law of analogies is something natural and very helpful. And when you think of the spiritual teachings including Bardon´s training, then it is obvious that they can be hard to comprehend. We are simply not used to think in this way and most of the described topics are completely unknown to normal people. There are no previous experiences which we could use to connect this new knowledge to. This is the big problem. It is like learning Mandarin without translation. On the other hand it means that it is much easier to learn something new when you have made previous experiences with something similar. For example when you can speak Latin then you can learn French easier. The same is true for German and English. There is a deeper relation between them.

For spiritual studies (including Bardon´s training) you can use a few analogies for an easier understanding and a more successful handling of the knowledge. I give some hints and it is so easy that you can use them on your own for clarity, understanding and success.

Mathematics and physics:

The whole creation is based on mathematics and physics. It is all about energies, powers and the laws they follow. When you are able to understand the basics of physics then you are able to understand metaphysics. And so on!

Thinking like a farmer:

When you understand how a farmer thinks and works, then you will understand a lot about life, about the cultivation of abilities, progress, good karma, etc. Learn how to plant the right seeds, learn how to nourish them and learn about the right time to reap the fruits. Also don´t forget about the right soil for your field, the weather, etc. And so on!

Feeling like a warrior:

If you feel and act like a warrior then you will accomplish all your aims. It is about motivation, honor, power, will, about being brave, fearless, strong, about sacrifices and persistence.

Caring like a loving father / mother:

If you know how a loving mother or father cares about his little child then you know how you have to care about yourself, your training, your fellow men, God and creation. Everything needs love to grow.

Growing like a flower:

If you know how flowers grow and blossom then you know how you will grow and blossom. Think about it!

Parents and their children:

If you know how parents let their children become self-responsible adults then you know the attitude of God towards humans and you know what is expected of you in life and training. Think about it!


I guess that these hints were the main ones. Probably you will find further analogies on your own. Use the law of analogies to understand life, your spiritual journey, God and yourself.

It is possible, – just use your God-given brain and heart. Discuss your ideas with others to get more insights. Feel and think like a farmer, like a father, like a warrior, like a flower and you will comprehend.

You are meant to comprehend, to discover the mysteries of God and creation. It is easier than you might think.