Webinars & spiritual education at SURA-ITF

Spiritual education is a big topic of SURA-ITF. Foreseen is a comprehensive, high standard education based on real experience and latest knowledge. The aim is to support spiritual seekers in best way for real progress. We have a great need of well-educated initiates to spread the light on earth. Indeed it is a big project which needs a lot of support from volunteers but also financial support as everything works on high quality level.

The education will include a big digital library, platforms for discussions, webinars, workshops, real initiations, comments for each step of progress, and so on.

To give this big project a start, I have decided to offer a free webinar “Initiation into vital energy” to see how it works and who is interested. It is independent from your level of progress and from other requirements. It will provide theory and practical initiation, so that you (in best case) will experience vital energy by yourself and learn to work with it.

What we call vital energy is also known as prana or chi. It is connected to the topics of chakras and nadis, to spiritual healing and health. It has also a great importance for the manifestation of your wishes.

So if you are interested in the phenomenon “vital energy” and would like to experience the reality of it, then join a free webinar session with me. Please send me an email for further information and tell me in which time
zone you are, so that we find a fitting time frame. Use: raydelsole(at)yahoo(dot)de

Thank you!



PS: These webinars are also offered in German language.