The trouble with karma

Karma works quite simple and logical. It is just a term for a chain of causes and effects which lead to certain situations in life. It is like mathematics, when you add 2 and 2 you get 4 in result. You can be angry or happy about this but the result just depends on the causes you have set. Change a factor and you change the result.

Certainly the problem is that people set factors, causes unconsciously and see only the result with full awareness. Then they start to wonder how this could ever happen. So a conscious way of life is useful. Setting consciously good causes makes you receive good fruits in the end. Additionally when you care about weeding then you probably will not become surprised by bad results.

But there is a different point I want to focus on here. Imagine something bad happens just because you are human and not really aware of what you are doing. The result is a big mess. But thanks to this big trouble you get an enlightenment and you understand what has gone wrong. A kind of purification happens and your personality changes to the better. In fact you feel that you are now a different person than before and you are full of idealism, altruistic ideas and maybe you have become a spiritual being.

Seen from your point of view life can change to the better in all aspects. Seen from the law of karma this will be not easy. Why? Just because you have to clean up the mess you have caused before your enlightenment. So this is absolutely true and right from the point of karma but it does not feel right or good for yourself because you do not longer identify yourself with the old personality you have been before. You feel no necessity for “punishment” for compensation because you have changed. Other humans would probably agree and say “Yes, he did wrong before but now he is transformed into a saint. So let us forgive him.” From the point of evolution or spiritual development it is the same – the lesson is learnt and go on. But the effects of the mess are still there and want to be cleaned up, healed, compensated. And indeed this work is left for you to accomplish.

So this issue is comprehensible for something which happens today and you simply have to care about. But it is a real problem when the mess happened in a past life and in this incarnation you wonder why life is so hard for you or why you lack of fortune and happy circumstances. You suffer and you do not know why, when it ends and what you could do to balance it. This is really bad. And this I mean when I speak of trouble with karma.

The second point is that it does not have to be a mess you have done in your past. It is already enough to haven´t solved problems in a past life or to haven´t been cured from diseases or injuries. All what hasn´t been cleared, healed, balanced will be kept by until a clearing, healing, balancing happen. This must be understood.

In reality there is probably not a single person who has cleared and healed all his problems. So everyone has his task to accomplish, his problem to solve, his wounds to heal. Life is a big heap of problems.

When you have understood these things then you can work consciously on clearing and healing yourself and your past. You can get insights into your past lives by a hypnotherapist or past-life-therapist to become aware of the causes of your problems and then you can work on healing them.

In fact the whole spiritual training has a very big focus only on clearing, healing and balancing. It is not enlightenment. It is not to work on spiritual abilities or powers. It is in main the work on your personality to become free of karma, as our Eastern brothers like to say. Liberty is one of the biggest aims in spiritual development. And the most important way is karma yoga, – the selfless service for God, mankind and creation. Every true initiate does karma yoga. In fact the whole creation works in this way. All parts of the greater whole have to serve each other for the benefit of all.

So karma yoga is a way to reach liberty. It is natural, lawful and positive. All conscious and unconscious beings live in this way (with the exception of selfish humans). And last but not least karma yoga makes happy and endless gifts and blessings are bestowed on you. God and the spiritual world open all doors for you, all limitations are removed, – you get all powers, abilities, all knowledge and support to fulfill your missions.

Imagine that!

In conclusion we all have to face our past. We have to clear and to heal what we have done and what happened to us. And certainly we should live absolutely consciously for better life circumstances.

But – don´t forget to care about yourself as well as you are also a good part of the greater whole. So love yourself and love all others like Jesus meant it.