Wonders of healing and higher perception through diseases

When you study psychic diseases then you discover that a lot of apparently physical diseases have no physical causes – the physical body is healthy. In fact the physical symptoms are a matter of psychic problems. So indeed you can have great physical pains, you can be blind, you can be paralyzed, you can have all kinds of physical problems – but without any physical causes, in contrary you have psychic imbalances. The symptoms are caused by mental factors, they are psychogenic.

Now imagine you treat such symptoms with physical medicine. You won´t have any success. Now imagine you treat them on a psychic level, for example with psychotherapy. Then you will probably be successful. Now imagine that you use spiritual, energetic healing techniques. Then you will probably experience healing wonders. And when you do not know that there are only psychic causes for apparently physical problems then you are more than overwhelmed. Then you have healed a blind man or you have healed a paralyzed woman. It seems that you have performed a true wonder. Your patient perceives it in the same way.

What I want to point at is that we have to differentiate between these different causes. When you have “normal” psychic causes then you have good chances for a quick and complete healing. When you have physical causes then it takes much time and effort to gain success and it depends on the individual case if full success is possible.

Then we have a third group where it is not clear where the cause is. Here you can say that it “smells” like really bad karma, – hard to treat. A great tool is here the so called past-life-therapy as you work directly on the healing of the old karma. Alternatively you can work on the energetic level with high spiritual powers.

In conclusion we cannot heal everything easily with high spiritual techniques or energetic treatments. In fact every case has to be regarded very individually to see what is feasible and what not. In general – the bigger the physical damage is, the harder it is to give successful treatments. For everyone who is interested in healing I recommend to study the literature about psychic diseases (most interesting) and somatic diseases, additionally what different healing traditions says about the causes and how they treat them. You will learn a lot about the hidden connections.


Second topic today – the higher perception of ill people:

In many cases of diseases people start to have so called hallucinations. When you study these cases then you discover that depending on the disease maybe 25% are real hallucinations and 75% are perceptions of the higher worlds, the mental and astral realms. This is very interesting. So in fact ill people see the deceased beloved ones, higher realms, they hear voices, they feel energies or beings and they smell energies.

Very often patients smell bad odors, they see ugly creatures like insects, etc. and they feel that bad beings are near to them or threatening them. Why? Because all these things are aspects of illness on the energetic plane and the higher planes. Illness means that the body produces bad, stinking energies and often there are parasites which feed themselves from the ill patient, from his energies or directly from his energetic body. Sometimes there are also more intelligent evil beings or deceased souls which make trouble, which are threatening the patient, which cause fear or aggressions.

When you have developed your higher senses then you can sense a lot of ugly things regarding ill people or bad people.

In general it is recommendable to stay on distance to ill and bad people or to take good care for protection and cleaning when you have to contact them. This is also true for bad areas, for hospitals, for places of grief like cemeteries, etc. Especially when you are already refined to a good degree, you get easier contaminated then normal people because your energy system is more active.

So always take care about your health, your energetic protection when you meet unhealthy places of people. Take especially care for cleaning and recovering measurements. At least pray to God for protection and to improve your level of vital energy so that you keep your health. And do not get anxious in any way. All bad beings are focused on the patient. Stay in the light, stay in your self-confidence! This is most important.

At last – if someone near to you is ill, then take care that the air together with the energy is changed often in his room – to release the bad energies and to supply fresh energies. Also all cloths should be washed and changed often.

So much, so far and so short. It is a complex topic and especially important for healers and relatives of people with very hard diseases.

Always take care about your health and your energetic purity.