Instinct, Intuition and direct knowledge

Intuition is a big topic in the spiritual development. Intuition is a matter of perception, of getting new information. We can differentiate here between the conscious perception of information and the subconscious perception. On the subconscious level we receive a great amount of information permanently and our mind picks out a few for the conscious processing. And this is the main and most important difference. We get consciously only a small quantity of information. The big rest, maybe over 90%, is subconsciously. This means, that you perceive a certain situation with your mind – 10% – and your subconsciousness perceives the other 90% of the situation which show up as some kind of feelings, feelings to do this or that, or that something is dangerous although your mind does not sense it. You mind sees only the surface but your subconsciousness perceives what is under the surface.

The problem is that the mind is not used to trust the perception of the subconsciousness. We believe today too much in the intellect trying to neglect our feelings, our intuition, also the instinct. Often we are in a conflict of mind and feelings. Your mind/intellect says “I can walk this road although it is dark as there are still enough people around.” And your instinct says “I can feel the danger. I shouldn´t walk this road.” So what are you going to do? Trust your intellect or do you trust your instinct? And here we come to the point: Your intellect is very limited but your subconsciousness, your instinct has much more information. In best case you trust your intuition or your instinct and additionally you use your intellect to cope with the situation in a good way.

The problem is to interpret your feelings in the right way. In fact your bad feelings can also have a different cause. In conclusion it is all a matter of training, of becoming aware what is happening, what you are doing and how you cope with conflicts between your intellect and your intuition.

People have unlearned the right use of instinct and intuition. This is a pity. This is a problem today. When you look at people who live in nature, then you see how they use their deeper perception and how important it is. Our normal intellect is overstrained with the correct understanding of many situations. We are dependent on our intuition, on the instinct to make our way through the complexity of life.

From a spiritual point of view we have to differentiate between different forms of perception. What is called instinct is a matter of the navel chakra, the water element. It is the lowest form of perception, of getting important information. It is the level of animals. The instinct for survival, for finding food, for finding the right way but also for fighting, etc. The martial artists have a great instinct for successful fighting. Their perception is faster than the moves of their bodies. So they can protect and attack efficiently.

Then we have the feeling/sensation of the belly, the gut feeling. This belongs to the solar plexus in the center of the human body, connected to the stomach. The gut feeling is important for all human interactions and relationships. You get information about the other person, the state of the soul.

Then we have also a higher intuition which belongs to the third eye, the forehead chakra, air element, where you receive pictures. It is the mental plane. Intuition means visions, pictures and inspiration means to hear things, two higher ways of getting information. Both are connected to the air element and to the heart chakra. Heart chakra and forehead chakra are connected – mental and astral air element.

The third eye works like a real eye – visual perception but on the higher realms. So you get not only visions, information but you can use it also as a higher organ for seeing.

At last we have the so called “direct knowledge”. Here your crown chakra is very good developed and you get direct information about the object you focus on – direct understanding without thinking. You connect with your mind to the object and you get to know its nature. This works very good due to much training with Akasha. Your mind becomes so refined that you permeate everything you focus on and so there is nothing what you won´t understand.

A refined intuition – divine guidance – is very important for the spiritual development. Due to this Bardon asks the student to train stillness of mind up to half an hour directly in the first step – to reach the state of mind of Akasha where you are receptive for higher insights.

Divine intuition is most important for all aspects of life and especially for the successful management of the spiritual path. Only the divine intuition can guide you in a safe way on the rocky path. Only divine intuition can protect you from traps and the abyss.

You will develop your different forms of perception especially by working with the five elements. Besides this you can train them by working with the according chakras. When your chakras are refined and flourishing also your perception, your intuition, instinct, etc. will flourish.