The grace of God in the spiritual development

There are many requirements for success in the spiritual development. One side of the coin is the true mystical attitude including love, devotion, humbleness and the other side are a strong will, endurance and belief. And when you fulfill these basics then you need the right intuition, the right teachings for your studies and good conditions for your training. You can have this all but there are still other things like old karma problems, blockades, health issues, hard life circumstances, etc.

Taking the spiritual path can be more than a challenge. It can bring you permanently to your limits. It can be an adventure where everything is possible, where you do not know what you have to face next. Traps and dangers are waiting everywhere along the path and also the abyss is calling. You can get lost easily. And in fact many seekers have been trapped, have been lost in darkness, in delusions, in insanity.

It is not exaggerated to call it the rocky path, the single trail which leads up to the peak of the mountain. The higher you get, the deeper you can fall.

Apart from these aspects there are further points. In fact you can meet an initiate daily in your life without recognizing it. You can have the most inspiring spiritual literature at home without understanding, without realizing its value. You can get stuck at a simple exercise without making any progress over weeks, months, years. You can have problems without any idea how to cope with them, without any help from others.

Indeed you can do everything, you can make sacrifices, you can force yourself and nothing happens.

It is the aspect of divine grace. If divine grace is missing, nothing will happen, no progress, no success, no happiness, just blockades, darkness, sadness.

This is important to understand. If God does not support you, does not allow you to progress than nothing will happen. It is the Akasha principle of harmony which protects the divine mysteries, which protects the immature seeker from himself. So the right attitude is most important together with the insight that God is the highest authority, standing above the highest initiates, above all gods and goddesses. And although a high initiate is a perfect temple of God, he is not God himself. All initiates are true, humble servants of God.

And when you look around, when you see all this misery in the world, all these suffering people, this immense darkness, then you can understand how blessed you are for what you know, for what you are able to, for the steps of progress you were allowed to make and for the path which is waiting for you.

It is the grace of God which takes the last decision about light and darkness in your life.

I myself, I am more than grateful for all my steps of progress, for protection and guidance, for avoiding the countless traps and the dark abyss.

And – you are only save, absolutely save when you have connected your nature with the divine nature perfectly. Then you won´t fall.

I think that it is useful to be aware of these aspects. It leads to a healthy attitude. Without humbleness you cannot bear power and when you cannot bear power you will fall in the abyss due to your misuse. The divine laws work perfectly.