The overcoming of duality

Duality is a big topic in spiritual discussions. Duality provides also great traps, misunderstandings. People with a bad character love to use the principle of duality to justify their evil actions. They say that darkness, the evil is a necessary pole in the world which supports the development of human beings. Due to this it is good to be evil, to misuse other people, to torture them and so on – it is all for their own benefit. And because the evil one does this “only” for God as a service, he will get no punishment and he will have no bad conscience.

Such ideas are more or less “funny” and real nonsense. They serve only the ego and pretend to be higher, secret knowledge (spread in some secret societies). With these ideas another “main top secret” is coming along – the absolute God does not exist and the only god are you and due to this you can do whatever you want without any responsibility, without any consequences. And because you know this you can misuse your fellow men as much as you like, indeed you have to misuse them as a sign of your superiority. Mankind is nothing else than cattle and so it should be treated. Such things you can learn in the highest degrees of some secret societies. Okay, these are in short the main traps of duality.

Now let´s get back to a little more knowledge and more wisdom.

God is one and creation is based on two, on the principle of duality, of two poles which represent the one in differentiation. It is symbolized by a triangle – at the top there is the one, God, who differentiates into the two poles, the two edges of the triangle at the bottom. And the bottom line with the two edges and the line itself represents the four elements which origin from duality. So the left edge is fire, the right edge is water, the middle part is air and all three together are earth. When you think of the two fluids then you see the highest form of duality, the electric fluid and the magnetic fluid, fire and water, two (meta-)physical powers which are active on all planes of creation. As a two-dimensional symbol you have the triangle. When you make the triangle three-dimensional then you have a pyramid with a basis of four edges – the four elements.

But back to the topic. We have duality, two poles, one active pole, fire and one passive pole, water. So we can say one pole is positive and one pole is negative without any evaluation, just neutral in meaning. Both poles can get a positive meaning and a negative meaning. This means you can use both, – fire and water in a constructive way and in a destructive way. Or simpler said, you can use both for good purposes and for bad purposes. Construction can be good or evil and destruction can be good or evil. You can use everything for positive purposes and everything for evil purposes – it is up to you, it is a matter of your intention.

Let´s come now to the human level of duality. Normal human beings do good things for themselves and others and they do bad things for themselves and others. This is the well-known principle of duality in the world.

From a spiritual point of view this principle of duality works “only” for “normal” human beings which are in their evolutionary state of experiencing duality. In this special state a human being has his focus in life on the lower aspects of his personality. This means the ego is very active, also all kinds of desires, sexual desires, the desire for power, for property, for influence, etc. On the energetic level you can see that the solar plexus chakra is very big, good developed and very active, also the sexual chakra, the root chakra. The mind with its centers can be more or less good developed, – good intellect, strong will, etc. But the higher chakras of mind and soul are sleeping. So life is here all about serving yourself, your desires and needs, your ego. Certainly you also have some feelings for your family, etc. and also for some other aspects of life which are connected to the different roles and professions.

The problem with this special state of evolution is that much destruction happens. You misuse, rob, kill, etc. someone else to satisfy your needs. It is the typical perpetrator – victim relation. One day you are the perpetrator and the next day you are the victim. One day you are good and the next day you are evil. The game of duality. And this is not only true for one single life but it goes on over many lives, over many incarnations. And when you examine this game of duality then you see that the roles of perpetrator and victim change permanently from one incarnation to the next one. And here it is all about balancing. Every soul is longing to balance what he did. There is a deep, natural need to balance what you did. This unconscious act of balancing throughout many incarnations costs a lot of energy, brings a lot of trouble, problems, diseases, pains, suffering, accidents, crime, etc. In fact it is the wheel of karma which is rotating “endlessly” as long as you stay in this evolutionary state. This wheel of karma keeps you imprisoned, chained up. The wise men understood this principle and said that we must escape this state of duality, that we must gain freedom.

It is the old principle of “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth!”

Buddha understood that this principle is not good, Jesus understood it, others too and all proclaimed that love and forgiveness is the only way to freedom. As long as we follow the idea of mutual punishment we will stay in duality with all bad consequences. We will experience good and evil, indeed a lot of evil. And there a lot of bills to pay.

These are the reasons for all the bad things which are happening in the world. Without forgiveness and love there is no healing possible, there will be no peace, no harmony, no lasting happiness.

The initiates have been knowing this throughout all centuries. They know that is a matter of evolution, the evolution of the soul and that this state is not the end. Besides the normal, general evolution process there is the chance to support the own development by spiritual training. It is the conscious overcoming of duality to find inner peace and freedom.

Now we come to the most interesting part – how do we overcome duality actually?

Let´s return to the energetic aspect of the “normal” human being. The lower chakras are very active, not refined and the higher chakras are sleeping. In fact it is quite simple, we have to awake the higher chakras. With this activation a refinement process is started and we reconnect to the higher planes of creation, to the divine source of life. The most important chakras are here the heart chakra, the divine center of the soul and the crown chakra, the divine center of the mental body.

When this activation happens then something very interesting follows. The human being turns from its horizontal activity to a vertical activity to satisfy its needs. As a normal human being you are in permanent interaction with others human beings to satisfy your desires, in fact you are nearly permanently in need. When you activate your divine centers then you activate a flow of energy from the divine source of life which gives you inner satisfaction without the necessity of interaction with others.

Imagine there is a small lake. This lake is dependent on a regular clearing and refilling of its water. But as soon as this lake is connected to a source then it gets permanently fresh water.

Other example: Imagine you have a smartphone. You have to recharge it regularly. And now imagine you smartphone is connected to an inexhaustible energy source. So its power is unlimited and there is no need to recharge it.

Do you understand? In the normal state of duality you must “recharge” yourself on the horizontal level by interaction with others (on all planes) but as soon as you are reconnected to the divine source then you are charged permanently, it is your vertical supply and you are no longer dependent on the horizontal recharging.

On the energetic plane it shows in this way: The crown chakra supplies the body with spiritual energies. In the same way the heart chakra does it for the soul and both are connected in an energy circulation. Also the awakened root chakra with its Kundalini Shakti takes part. The main point here is that you experience abundance in mind and soul and this abundance flows down into your lower chakras and nourishes them. It gives them inner peace, harmony and makes them blossom. Especially the energy of the heart chakra is nourishing the solar plexus, the ego center and when the ego is satisfied, it is full of piece and becomes again the positive inner child it has always been under the surface.

Then you have overcome duality!

You are reintegrated in the natural-divine order and all your centers, your chakras are flourishing and you feel the natural-divine abundance on all planes. You are reconnected to the divine source of life. You are in perfect harmony with creation and duality has lost its power. You are free.

So in fact it is all about the right power supply, the evolution of your personality, yourself.

When the vertical “energy supply” is accomplished then you are free but you are also free to interact with others like you want to exchange energies, to share love, happiness, friendship, etc. And with this we come to the perfect cross, the combination of vertical and horizontal energetic supply, the integration into the natural order. Here you can imagine a human being, seen from the side, the vertical line which connects sky and earth and the horizontal line which goes through the center of the human being, the solar plexus for interaction with the whole creation.

A few additional words: The state of duality belongs to the foreseen experiences of the human being. We are meant to experience good and bad. We are meant to experience being a perpetrator and a victim. Due to these experiences we become able to differentiate between good and bad. We become able to neglect consciously evil behavior as it causes only pain and suffering and we can decide for the principle of light to enjoy all good fruits, to enjoy the divine order in creation. The state of duality is the raja state of the Indian philosophy which leads to sattwa, the enlightened state. Duality provides a diversity of adventures, fascinating experiences of the light and the dark kind. I want to emphasize here that we all are going through this state, that we all experience light and darkness in duality. No one is without guilt, no has the right to blame others. Somewhere in our own history we find enough what could be blamed. Therefore Jesus said the one without any guilt should throw the first stone – but indeed there is no one without guilt. In fact we just have to accept that we all made our bad experiences and that we should go on, that we should try the best to forgive, to heal and to balance as much as possible – otherwise the law of karma will care for perfect balance, often in unpleasant ways.

Love is the way! This the message of all true initiates worldwide. We must rescue ourselves from the games of duality. We must overcome them.

There is only one way, the way back to God, back to the divine nature, the way of becoming a grown up soul, a flourishing soul in all its aspects.



PS: When we think about the triangle then the way goes from the bottom up to the peak, back to unity. But there is also a dark path into the unity of darkness, the energetic waste of creation which is below the bottom line of the triangle. Imagine that you are a “normal” human being in the state of duality. Instead of becoming tired of the games and longing for development and freedom, you feel yourself more and more drawn to the evil, to selfishness and strong desires and you wish for more power. As you are limited by yourself you connect to dark beings and agree to pacts with them. You receive support and power while the dark beings take more and more control over you, your soul to make you serve them after your physical death. So you can do a lot of evil to serve your ego which you enjoy but at the same time your soul, your energetic system gets influenced by evil energies, gets contaminated by darkness and your nature transforms more and more to darkness. These dark energies are not healthy. In contrary they pollute you, intoxicate you and all kinds of psychic and physical diseases appear. You are getting more and more insane but as the darkness is covering you, you do not think about it. It doesn´t matter for you. Meanwhile you have become a host for many different dark beings, for parasites which feed from your evil emotions and desires. And one day you die. Then you get into the dark realms to serve the dark beings and you lose more and more your human nature. And if this continues in the next incarnations then you lose completely your human nature and become a dark being yourself. And when you do not stop your evil behavior then you will be isolated and dissolved in the darkness, the waste of creation. This is the worst case scenario for evil people. Certainly also the most evil people get their chances to return to the light although it may take much time, many incarnations, much suffering for balancing the dark karma. I cannot recommend this way and so I warn everyone to play with such ideas to gain more power for selfish reasons. It is quite unhealthy and you have to pay back all your debts. On the other hand when you follow the light you will receive so many gifts that it is worth it to bear some sacrifices and to do the training.