The salvation of darkness

Darkness is a part of creation. Darkness has a diversity of qualities and meanings. Darkness is dullness, darkness is evil, darkness is destruction, darkness is the waste of creation. I don´t want to speak about all these forms of darkness. I want to focus on something different. While the destructive principle has its function in creation, the dark “waste” is meant to become recycled and the human evil longs for salvation.

When you examine the chain of many incarnations of a human being then you can see that a lot of evil happens, that this soul does a lot of evil but also has to bear a lot of evil, certainly the soul experiences also a lot of good things but this is not the point here. We are meant to make good and bad experiences.

One day in this personal evolution, the soul comes to the conclusion that it is better to be good, also society and religion expect people to be “good”. Being good means to neglect the evil. It means to judge other people who are evil and to judge yourself for evil ideas and emotions, for evil behavior. This is logical and comprehensible. But the problem is that some kind of separation takes place. Your good part is shown officially and the evil part is hidden, waiting to come out, – more or less according to your personality. The forbidden, “evil” parts are the bad characteristics like egoism, hate, aggression, envy, greed, pride, etc. Quite often a splitting takes place – the good soul versus the evil soul – which leads to major problems as you neglect a part of yourself. The general problem is that society and religion say that you have to be good, that evil has to be punished/neglected but they do not say what you should do with your hate, your aggressions, your greed, etc. So in most cases these negative parts of yourself are suppressed. They are abandoned. But you cannot really abandon parts of yourself, you cannot split yourself, you need your inner unity. This separation brings illness, psychic diseases, big problems.

So what is the right way to deal with negative aspects of yourself?

First of all it is necessary to understand that it is a natural part of the human evolution to make good and evil experiences. There is no single human soul who has not made evil experiences, who was not a perpetrator. Everyone was evil, quite often. Everyone was selfish, a bad guy. So this is just normal and for everyone there comes the day where he has to overcome these bad times to move on in his evolution.

In the next step you have to understand that everyone takes full responsibility for what he has done and that the Lords of Karma force everyone to balance his actions. So everyone is treated equally without no escape and no advantages. So everything is in order, is working in respect to the universal divine laws.

Third step: Bad characteristics are a natural part of yourself like the good characteristics. You have to accept this. And you have to accept them.

And now in the fourth step you have to integrate them, you have to overcome the splitting, the separation, the suppression and the abatement. The aim is healing. Healing and unity in your microcosm. And now I tell you a secret. All the evil, your evil is like an abandoned child, a child what is not loved, not accepted, what is tortured, punished, neglected. And you can only heal when you show love and understanding to the evil, to your evil parts. It is the primary secret of evil – the lacking of love and understanding. When you are filled with love then you cannot be evil, you cannot become evil, you cannot develop any evil ideas, emotions. And when you miss love, when you are not accepted then you become evil, then you can become mad, destructive, then you hurt because you have been hurt. So in fact love is the key to deal with evil, especially with the evil in yourself. Love is the great and omnipotent medicine, the alchemistical solvent of darkness, the power which transforms darkness into light. This is the great mystery of light and darkness, that darkness has to be redeemed and transformed by pure unconditioned love.

So in the fifth step you embrace all evil aspects of yourself with true love to transform them, to integrate what was abandoned, to heal, to become whole again. This you can do in one or more meditations where you produce a lot of love energy to integrate, to heal and to transform all bad energies, all bad aspects in respect to the divine wisdom.

And then darkness will experience salvation, the salvation for which darkness is longing so much under great pains of suffering like an abandoned child without love.

In this context I want to refer also to the fairy tale “The Beauty and the Beast”. The Beauty is the pure, divine soul who redeems the lower nature, the Beast, the “evil” by unconditioned love. Through this pure embracing love the evil / the beast is transformed into its real nature, in its original nature, a nice prince. Here we see the mystery of love, of light and darkness, of spirit and soul. And in fact, what we perceive as the evil, the darkness it is nothing else than the transformed light, the abandoned light which has lost its beauty.

The spiritual path deals a lot with the ability to see behind the scenes, to discover the true and hidden nature of beings, of phenomena. And it deals a lot with healing, with integrating, with transforming, with becoming whole and complete again.

It is our “job” to transform the material plane, to transform the darkness in creation into its original nature, into light. And this starts with the transformation of the dark aspects of ourselves.

As soon as we have integrated the higher forms of love, we feel complete, one and we are in control. Then darkness has no more power over us. Then we have gained our original, natural-positive state of being.


So embrace with love all aspects of yourself, your sadness, your depressions, your anger, your selfishness, etc. and let it all heal and integrate by the amazing transformational power of love. This is the best thing you can do for yourself and for your spiritual development.