Special mystical healing meditation

Healing belongs to the most important topics in the spiritual development. Today I want to show a very useful aspect of healing which comes along with a higher understanding of yourself and God.

Imagine that you are a father or a mother. Your little child is playing in the garden while you are sitting on some distance watching. You can see your child but your child cannot see you. Your child is completely occupied with playing, it feels good and everything is alright.  Although there is a physical distance between you both, there is a connection of love which provides many good feelings. Your child feels safe, feels being loved and protected, nourished with all it needs, it receives everything to grow and to unfold its personality in a balanced, in best way. This is good and natural.

Now imagine that your child becomes aware that you, the mother or father, is not there. The child feels disconnected. Fears and sorrows come up. It feels abandoned, left alone, without love and care. It is a real traumatic experience.

In normal life you see this and immediately go to your child to show that you are there and everything is fine, that there is no need to worry. Right?

Now imagine that you are this child, that you are playing in creation. At first you feel that everything is okay as you are very busy with your games. But then comes a time where you feel, where you know that you miss something, where you feel somehow left alone, abandoned in a world which is not yours. Something is missing. The love of your divine mother and father is missing, the connection is missing. You are not at home, you are somewhere in a foreign place, far away from your parents. You feel sad, maybe devastated. You feel the deep need to reconnect, to find the way back home, to get in touch with your beloved ones, your brothers and sisters. And because living on your own is hard, you feel a lot of pain, frustration, anger, hate. You are in agony. But in fact your divine parents are there and they watch you and they send their love endlessly, permanently to you, but you can´t sense it. You just feel alone, abandoned. And you are searching everywhere to fill this hole in your soul, to satisfy your deep needs for love and connection. You search the whole world but all you find is not enough, is not satisfying. And one day you come to the spiritual path and then you know how to get home.

Can you understand this little child, left alone with all its anger, all its fears and problems? It is you or maybe it was you. And now imagine that you are the divine mother or divine father, sending permanently your love to your child and watching it. Now imagine that you manifest yourself so that your child can see you and that you both can embrace each other in love after a very long time of feeling separated.

Please imagine that you embrace this lost child, that you embrace yourself in deep love and that this love dissolves all the pain, all the bad experiences, that this divine love heals all wounds and gives new life, new vitality to the soul of the child. Try to feel this love and healing to the maximum.

Heal yourself by embracing the lost part of yourself, the abandoned child which was not able to sense and to receive the permanent radiation of divine love from its parents.

Meditate about this.