What is really important in life?

We human beings are always on a search for something. Something which we think will give us satisfaction, which makes us happy. And as the world is big we have a diversity of things which can bring satisfaction and happiness – as we think.

Most people are searching in the outer world for satisfaction. They work hard to buy material things and hope that they provide what they long for.

Then there are people who look in the inner world for satisfaction.

When we ask the law of perfection then we get the answer to respect the inner and outer world, that we have to care about balance on all planes and in all aspects. Only then we gain perfect satisfacton, perfect happiness.

This reflects the quality of diversity which belongs to the nature of creation. So all attempts to find happiness in searching for one thing have to fail naturally. But people try and try and try until they are blessed with the insight that it does not work.

For example a lot of people long for power. Once they have power, they experience that they miss important things like love, like happiness, like true friends.

Another example: You long for wisdom. Once you have reached a good degree of wisdom you understand that you need the other three divine virtues for perfect happiness.

Next example: You long for enlightenment – and then? What are you doing when you are enlightened?

A trivial example: You long for a nice house, for an own family, for a good job and when you have it all, you notice that something is missing, – you forgot the cultivation of the inner life.

Another trivial example: You work hard to be able to buy the latest smartphone. Once you have it, you feel no happiness as you understand that this is just a technical object, nothing to share emotions with, nothing which is alive.

So when you understand these things, then you comprehend one the one hand that it is one major spiritual aim to become in a positive way independent from the world and on the other hand you understand the real values of life.

The real values of life are that we are living beings with a diversity of possibilities to make experiences, also to express ourselves and to interact with other beings in creation. We are alive. We have to appreciate what we are and what we can do, also for what we are foreseen,- our natural-spiritual evolution.

The real values are to experience love, care, understanding, friendship, support and all this by walking a good part of the path of life together, – as friends, as spiritual brothers and sisters, as a family, as partners. These are the greatest experiences which we human beings can make and share. And this is the basis of SURA-ITF, – o share all good experiences together, to appreciate what is given to us, to celebrate all high human values. And this makes happy.

Do you know the differences between the normal material world and the spiritual realms? The material world is the stage of the games of duality. The spiritual realms is the place of divine unity, where the divine virtues rule in perfect harmony, where happiness is natural, where love and wisdom are natural, where understanding and care are natural.

SURA -ITF is meant to become an outpost of the spiritual realms where the higher laws of love and wisdom are foreseen to rule, where truth and friendship are natural, where you can be who you are.

So the community of SURA-ITF will be somethig special something which works in the world but which does not origin from this world.

It will be my pleasure to welcome all awakened brothers and sisters, all true spiritual souls in this association to celebrate the high spiritual ideals and values!

With love,