Intuition and the intellect

A few days ago I have written some words about instinct, intuition and inspiration. Recently I have experienced a “funny” case of intuition which I want to share with you.

One week ago my attention was drawn to the new Windows 8. I had a look on the corresponding Microsoft website. I must say that I do not like the new look as I prefer android with its apps and for a real PC the normal desktop look. I have discovered the few changes, news of Windows 8 and also that it is available for a small price in the time of introduction. I have started thinking if it makes sense to buy it as long as it is so cheap. I have felt that it is a good idea to buy it. But then I have used my intellect. In fact at this time there was no necessity to buy Windows 8, also not for later but still I had this feeling to buy it. I haven´t bought it at last.

One week later my PC broke down and now my PC is going to be repaired – including a new installation of Windows 8.

If I had followed my intuition, I would have saved about 70 Euros.

This is life!

So sometimes it can be useful to follow your intuition although you might not understand its meaning.

For me it was an interesting experience – one of a lot of interesting experiences. The main point here is to become aware of what is happening and to understand it. Then you can learn and improve yourself.

This just as an example. You probably have made similar experiences.