The spirit of nature

From a spiritual point of view we know that nature has spirit, that there are countless spirits which care for the life of creation, of nature. Recently I have read an interesting scientific article where scientists have proved that for example plants have a so called rootbrain, that they are able to behave to some good degree in an intelligent way, that they have a wide range of perceptions. So in fact our materialistic scientists agree now that plants are intelligent, living beings. As a reaction on these insights first ethic agencies work out plans for the ethic of plants.

But this is not all. These scientists discovered that plants, trees cooperate to kill aggressors, enemies. This can be animals but also woodcutter. They kill with the production of poison but also by suicide. This means that if a forrest becomes aware that there are woodcutter who are going to kill the whole forrest, it often happens that one tree sacrifices itself to kill a woodcutter – just by falling down on him – without any physical reason. This is astonishing and most astonishing is that these are discoveries of materialistic scientists.

A similar case is that normally peaceful animals like elephants are killing consciously people together with destroying their villages – why? Because these people are a menace for their freedom. They destroy their original living environment. So indeed it is a conscious act of self-defense.

Nature is defending itself against the human aggressors!

Fo the spiritual point of view this is quite clear. The spirits of nature are in control and they realize these self-defense actions. And certainly they are right.

Humans beings have to pay respect to nature but so far they don´t. Hopefully this changes soon thanks to the official discoveries of the materialistic scientists.

For us – spiritual people – it all just shows how important it is to show a loving attitude towards nature and all beings, plants and animals. Be a part of the greater whole, the great unity.

If you like then try this: Go into nature, to place where you and nature are alone and then take your asana and become one with the surrounding nature, with all trees, plants, animals, with the landscape and all the spirits of nature in the earth, the water, the air, with all beings. Then let you love flow and embrace them all. Show all beings your love, your care and compassion. Wish all beings happiness, health and divine blessings. Keep this meditation for a while. And maybe you get a response, maybe you get several responses.

I like the idea to have a good, loving connection to all beings, to nature. You are always and everywhere welcome and you have everywhere true friends. This is wonderful. Love is a wonderful invention.