The flower and the gardener

Once upon a time there was a little flower which was breaking through the surface of the earth. For a long period she was sleeping as a bulb surrounded by the earth, feeling save and warm. But then it happened that she felt an impulse to awake from her dreams, to grow. And so the day came when she broke through and saw the light of the day for the first time. It was an amazing moment. She never thought that it would be so great, so overwhelming to see the light, the sunlight and the wide blue sky. She was full of joy, completely fascinated about this new world, about the fresh air, the freedom, the endless space which was so different to the dense earth where she has been sleeping so long.

While she was thinking about this new period of life, a gardner came and leaned over the young flower, examing her from all sides. With a smile he said “Welcome my little baby flower! I have been waiting already for your break through and there you are! I am the gardener. I will care for you and help you to unfold your beauty.” The baby flower responsed “Hello gardener! Thank you for your cordial welcome! I am so happy to have made this step. I have never imagined that this world is so wonderful. And you will care about me. This is great! Oh gardener, can you answer me some questions as I am new to this world?” The gardener said “Sure, I will answer all your questions! What do you want to know?”

“Where are we?”

“We are in the garden of God. It is the largest garden which exists with the most beautiful flowers in the greatest diversity.”

“So I am one of a diversity of flowers in the divine garden. Where is God?”

“Look up to the endless sky. There is the sun, the divine sun. The flowers in the garden receive the divine light and so they can grow and unfold their beauty. The light is an expression of the love of God which shines permanently and which nourishes all the flowers, the whole garden. God loves his flowers and all flowers love God, the divine sun. And maybe you can see the sun smiling when you look to it. And do you feel the love in the light, the joy when you open yourself to the light?”

“Yes, I can, it is so wonderful. I am full of divine joy and I love God so much. I will unfold my whole beauty to make God happy, to praise God. It is all about love, right?”

“Yes, it is all about love, beauty, harmony, about the unfolding of your nature.”

“This is so great!”

“Yes, for me as the gardener it is a great honor to work and live in the divine garden and to care about the development of all these wonderful flowers. It is the best profession to be a gardener here. I enjoy it so much.”

“How about the sky, the earth, the rain, the wind and the night?”

“These all are aspects of God. The earth is your mother, who keeps you like a baby in her womb, who nourishes you and gives you the basis to grow. The sky is your father with the sun and the clouds. It is the spirit which nourishes you from the other pole of polarity as you need both to grow. The rain in the principle of life which is pulsating through your veins in form of water. The wind is caressing you and the night gives you time to rest, to dream. So you receive all you need to feel good, to grow and to unfold your beauty to cause happiness and joy for everyone who sees you.”

“Thank you, my dear gardener. I understand. It is so beautiful and perfect. And what is your secret?”

“I am a flower too but I am already grown up and so I have the honor to help all my dear brothers and sisters, all the baby flowers to grow and to unfold all their beauty. And one day, when you are grown up, you will become a gardener too, to serve the development of the flowers in this divine garden.”

“This is great. I have never thought about it. What a wonderful life!”

And with every passing day the little baby flower grew more and more, caressed by the wind, nourished by the rain and mother earth, loved by the sun and nursed by the night. From time to time the old gardener came to see if everything was fine. With much love the gardener cared about the flower and so the flower unfolded her complete beauty. When this happened God and his gardener were so amazed, so happy and all other flowers joined in to praise their sister and the love which was flowing in the air.

This wonderful garden still exists and every day new little baby flowers break through the surface of the earth to unfold their beauty for the pleasure of God and his gardeners.

The garden is secret but can be found by all true seekers.