A tour guide called fate

Imagine that you book a tour with special stations which you want to visit. Imagine that you start your journey but forget about the stations which are on your way. Fortunately you have an invisible tour guide who cares for you, who organizes the whole journey so that you meet your stations and that you make the experiences which are connected to them. We can call this tour guide fate.

In fact before you incarnate on earth you have made a plan which stations you need and wish to pass, to experience, who you want to meet, which tasks you want to accomplish and which kind of development you want to undergo. So your life is somehow planed in the main points. But unfortunately you forget about this plan, about the journey of your life and so you think you are more or less free to do whatever you like to do with your life. But this is not the case.

What is the effect? On the one hand there is a plan with important stations to pass and important experiences to make. On the other hand there are you with your own ideas, wishes and needs. This can cause conflicts. And then something interesting happens: Life with its circumstances develops in such a way that you are influenced, pushed into the right, necessary direction. For example after leaving school you have the theoretical choice among countless jobs/educations but the circumstances show you one way to a foreseen job or education. Another example: There are many good and possible partners to fall in love with but you choose a special one for more or less hidden reasons.

Then there is a second interesting effect: Imagine that your situation is very limited, – you have only limited money for example. You think if you had more money you would be able to realize what makes sense, to follow your aims, etc. So you start to wish for money and maybe you look for jobs to get it. But nothing works out. This limitation, this situation pushes you into a certain direction – you do something which you have never expected to experience, maybe you learn something new, you get to know someone special or your get a different job. What I want to point at is that fate can block your activities to make you move to a planned station in your life. And only afterwards you understand why all this happened and that it was good.

And this means – when you feel that you are really blocked in some direction, that you can try everything but it does not work out, then understand that a different station is foreseen for you in life to make necessary, important experiences.

This means also that it is not possible to get everything you wish for like it is taught by esoteric mainstream teachers.

If these limitations are of an obvious negative nature to push you into negative experiences then in best case you can dissolve this bad karma by spiritual treatments or exercises.

So all in all it is useful to understand these things to manage your life events better. Always ask for the sense, the deeper reason of events in life, why fate is pushing you into a certain direction, if it is good or bad, if your perception is true or distorted by fears, doubts, etc. Try to understand you plan of life, your journey. Try to cooperate and to ease the journey. Try to learn in an active way without the necessity of force from fate. And look already for small signs which show a certain form of development. Signs are the warnings or useful messages of fate. The more you ignore bad signs the bigger they get and one day it is too late to change your situation.

So keep care of yourself and raise your awareness. Cultivate your intuition. Balance yourself actively. Then life can be managed in best way.