When the masks are falling

When the masks are falling the truth is unveiled and this is a very special moment. It is the peak of a long development and when this peak is reached then something will happen which changes everything. This is a general law.

Let´s imagine that we examine the process of a person who becomes really evil. At first this person is quite normal with a small tendency for destructive, selfish, evil behavior. The more time goes by, the more grows the evil part of the person. Still the person is dualistic, good and bad. We assume that the person is very smart, so that he is hiding his dark side to catch his victims easier. So his evil side is growing, unfolding more and more together with his evil doing, all hidden under a mask of kindness and nice behavior. But the more time passes by, the harder it becomes to keep this dark nature undercover. It feels like being a balloon which is growing to burst suddenly. This inner pressure makes it hard to keep the mask. And one day the evil guy can no longer keep the mask, his facade and he shows his true nature in public. Everyone knows that he is evil. Everyone knows who he really is and no proclaiming of the opposite can help any longer. But this revelation is also a process which takes time. At the start only a few insiders suspect that the person is evil. Later these insiders know it. And much later more and more people in public get to know it. And one day everyone knows it. This is the peak of the development. And when everyone knows the truth, then there is no longer any necessity to pretend to be a good one but in fact then you can show your evil nature in perfection. For the evil guy it is indeed a liberation. But on the other hand, he evokes all opposing forces. And this means war. In the normal case the evil guy will be defeated, so that the natural order can be restored.

So this development in the context of time and the growing of a force to a maximum which results in a change is a general physical law which is valid for single persons but also for whole societies and movements. It can be witnessed quite often in history everywhere on the planet.

I am writing about this topic because we experience now again such a special time where the masks are falling and the true nature of evil forces become unveiled. This climax of a long development will end up in war, in a process of destructive clearing, so that the evil will be destroyed and mankind can heal.

It is also comparable with a disease in your body. As soon as the body has discovered the true nature of the evil foreign substance inside, then the body starts to fight it to restore health, order. That´s the way.

From old India we know the wonderful stories about the Suras and the Asuras. The Suras are the beings of light who are dedicated to God and the Asuras are the brothers of darkness who want to build their own kingdoms independent from God. The Asuras are powerful but they suffer from their selfishness, desires, ignorance and arrogance which make them fail in the end. Here we can examine again cycles of the rising of the evil Asuras to a certain peak, then the war with the Suras and the annihilation of the Asuras. Afterwards healing takes place, peace is restored, good values are praised but after a certain time the Asuras rise again. And so on.

When we watch our world with open eyes then we can perceive that we are short before this peak of development where the evil no longer is willing to hide behind nice masks, where many people have understood the true nature of the “nice guys”.

It is good to understand such things and to get prepared for what will come, also to choose the right side.

The divine court is waiting and the punishment will be comprehensive.

I praise the servants of divine justice!

May the divine order be restored soon!