A very special technique for your spiritual training

The spiritual training consists of many aspects. It is in main about cleaning, healing and refining of the soul but also about the development of spiritual abilities, spiritual powers and spiritual qualities. It is a process of growing, of transformation. Besides this it is certainly about studying spiritual knowledge and implementing the laws of creation.

All these aspects are a matter of studies, of practical work, exercises but they are also a matter of the smart use of your inner intelligence, your subconsciousness.

Several techniques are based on the use of the subconsciousness, on self-influence, independent which tradition you examine.

I want to present you the smartest technique of all, which I had the luck to discover lately:

In the evening you go to bed as usual. You lay down, close your eyes, take some breaths to relax, tired and ready to sleep. Now you focus on your inner intelligence, the intelligence which knows more than your intellect, which is controlling all functions of your mind, soul and body. It is your subconsciousness. So you say to your inner intelligence: “Dear subconsciousness, become active now. Awaken, vitalize and unfold my clairvoyance during the night. Put me now to sleep while you are working!”

And that´s it! Your active consciousness must be willing to let go and to transfer the control to your subconsciousness during the night (as it is natural and normal). While your consciousness is sleeping, your inner intelligence, your subconsciousness is doing the job which you have asked for. The only thing you have to do is to repeat this until your wished for results have realized and certainly you have to support the process by the normal training, normal studies and exercises. Then you have a perfect training where you use all resources perfectly.

You can use this technique for all purposes regarding yourself and your spiritual training. You can use it for cleaning, healing, refinement, for spiritual powers, abilities and qualities. You can use it to change yourself.

It is a super powerful technique and the smartest one I have ever met or discovered.

Happy Progress to you!