Two special inductions for the trance state

For the spiritual development and training it is necessary to work with trance. It is the meditative state where you withdraw your mind from the physical world to become active on the higher planes of mind and soul. It is a shift of the consciousness, somehow comparable with changing the TV Channel. You switch from normal to higher perception, higher thinking, feeling, etc.

In the state of trance you are able to get more information, a higher understanding of problems and you can communicate, perceive on a higher level. Things like clairvoyance, etc. take place in trance but also many other things like healing, working with higher energies, working with the subconsciousness, etc. Here you have full access to all functions of your mind, soul, energy system and body.

For most students it is the great question how to get in a good and useful state of trance easily. So I will provide here two very simple and effective techniques:

First technique – the trance field:

All states of the mind are connected to a specific energy. This means when the specific energy fills a room or an atmosphere and you walk in then you get quickly into the corresponding state of mind. Trance is so easily established. Second point: This energy can be created by yourself but you can also connect to this special energy as it already exists on the higher planes. So normally it is a mixture of connecting to the energy and of creating or enriching the energy by yourself, by your intention. In physics you call something like this a field of energy but it makes more sense to speak of a special energy atmosphere where you are in as long as you are in trance. So for the application you get into your asana and meditate about the idea that there exists this specific energy of trance. Imagine now that you can enter this energy and withdraw yourself as you like and that this energy supports you in your spiritual work and training. You get always the right trance energy to support your task. So now you just have to enter this field or atmosphere by intention. “I am now in the center of the specific trance energy which supports my present spiritual practice. I am now surrounded by this energy and I go immediately into the trance state. I can leave this state and the energy at will.” Now it is all a matter of training and of your maturity. You will see that it is quite simple to get into a good trance state this way.

Second technique – trance induction by your subconsciousness:

This is quite different to the first technique. Take your asana and now focus on your subconsciousness. “Dear subconsciousness, please cause now a trance state which is perfectly useful for my exercise/task. Thank you.” Now it is important to let go and to give the control to your subconsciousness, so that it can create the trance state. Certainly you will be aware of what is happening but it is a different state of mind. Be open, be passive and let the subconsciousness do its work. Now you can ask your subconsciousness for further tasks to support your exercise. For example “Dear subconsciousness awaken, strengthen and refine my clairvoyance so that I am able to see XY.” Your subconsciousness will immediately start to work on your clairvoyance. Maybe you see something directly or after a certain amount of time and training as everything needs time for development. (This technique can be used in a little different way also for other persons to get them into a state of trance for spiritual work or healing treatments.)

I recommend to try both techniques, also to train them, so that you are easily able to use them for your purposes.

When you work smart – using good techniques – then the spiritual training can be much more efficient.

As always good luck for your training!