Human versus psychopath

This is something very interesting to examine. I just want to pick out something everyone knows and very it is very useful to rethink it.

Imagine that two normal humans are meeting for business or for a doing something together. Now the point is that both have their individual needs, ideas and wishes. So they have to find a kind of solution, a way which they take together, a common aim.

As they are normal, they speak about their ideas, wishes, needs and they are open to listen to each other, to find in the end a solution which is good for both of them.

This is natural and positive.

Now imagine that a normal human and a psychopath are meeting. The psychopath is not marked, so that the normal person takes him for another normal human. The psychopath is maybe really friendly, smart, etc. so that the normal one does not see any dangers but indeed likes him. The psychopath sees in the other person only a victim which he will use to fulfill his own aims. He gives a shit on the other person and enjoys manipulating him. While they are talking the psychopath appeals permanently to pay attention to his own needs, his own wishes while the other person is not interesting at all for him. He is important and everyone has to show understanding for him and his needs and he feels personally attacked if his needs are not directly satisfied. So the normal human takes effort to satisfy the psychopath and is driven to neglect own needs and wishes. So the psychopath wins through by his manipulative, cold behavior. On the other hand if the normal human asks the psychopath for something he denies when it is not serving himself. He has simply not interest and no empathy for the other person.

I think everyone of us knows such guys who are pure assholes as we say in German. They have not the slightest problem to manipulate you for their benefit, to cheat you and to give you the last kick into your grave. And you are good, trying to help, to support, willing to sacrifice, trying to find solutions, etc.

In fact when you meet an asshole, then treat him according to his nature as this is the only language he will understand. Don´t be kind. Mirror him and give him a kick. Sometimes it is good and useful to be not kind.

Think about it.

In fact today we have too many assholes and psychopaths which all need major kicks in their butts.