Why is so much evil in the world?

Have you ever wondered about why the evil is growing, expanding so much everywhere? It seems that the good ones are an insignificant minority and that all others are the dull sheep, the prey of the evil.

Besides all other reasons, one most important problem is that the good ones do not intervene enough to bring the evil to justice, to punish the evil and so to limit evil behavior.

Without justice and punishment the evil can flourish unhampered and this causes endless suffering.

The good ones need power and the good ones need to use power and authority to manage the evil.

The evil is comparable to rats which are bearer of diseases and death. If you say “Oh they are so cute, they will disappear automatically by time.” you will experience quite the opposite. In shortest time they will be thousands bringing death and illness to your city and then it is too late to do anything.

So in best case you become aware about “cute” evil very quickly and you start to fight the evil directly in the beginning. Only then you will keep your happy life.

Order and justice are principles of creation. And so we have judges and police. But we also have a personal responsibility to go against evil. Otherwise we become the victims.

This is true in big size for society and also in the small size in relationships with other people. We are too nice today. We have to stop evil behavior. We are responsible.

Think about it.