Sexual orientation and Christian damnation

Although we do not live any longer in the dark middle age, good spiritual people still suffer from the incompatibility of their sexual orientation and the Christian Church.

I personally feel great empathy for those who suffer and I think that this is very sad. I know that these souls go through hell as they do not feel alright, not accepted by society and this causes a lot of pain. Additionally they are often forced to keep their nature secret to avoid any punishment from “normal” people in their communities.

In dedication to these good souls and spiritual fellows I want to bring some light into this topic with the hope to spend relief for them.

Homosexuality is a normal phenomenon in nature among all kinds of animals and certainly also in the human world. When it is a natural phenomenon who can say something against it? Who is superior than nature or the laws of nature?

So it is more interesting to think about the causes of homosexuality.

When you analyze this topic with a deep spiritual knowledge then everything is quite simple.

In our original nature – as spirits – we are somehow neutral. We can incarnate in a female body as well as in a male body. And in fact through our countless incarnations we are also supposed to do it to balance female and male characteristics and to make experiences as a man and a woman. This is all a matter of balanced personal growing. By passing time through several incarnations we may develop a certain preference for being a woman or a man.

In the normal case we choose then corresponding bodies for incarnation. If you prefer to live as a man then you choose a male body to incarnate, etc.

But obviously sometimes souls choose a body in conflict to their preference, – to learn how it feels to be from the opposite sex or to become more balanced. This conflict can cause later a conflict with the sexual orientation. If you feel like a woman in a male body then you cannot simply “correct” your emotions or preferences just because of the “wrong” physical body.

The physical body can be compared with cloths. When you change your cloths then you will be still the same person.

So in conclusion we have here a “problem” of the soul of not wanting or not being able to adapt to the sex of the physical body. This is certainly not a real problem but more a matter of society.

For this reason we have men who feel and behave like women and we have women who feel and behave like a man. This can appear in different degrees. And it is just a natural and well-known phenomenon.

Regarding the spiritual journey we all will unfold both sides in our souls, so that we still have a physical sex and also a male or female domination of characteristics but we are more balanced.

Then there is also another aspect. As human beings we have a strong tendency to make stupid decisions with long lasting effects. For example imagine that you make very bad experiences with women in one incarnation. Your conclusion is that all women are evil and that you will never get into a relationship with a woman again. This idea is set deep into your subconsciousness and in your next incarnation you have blocked yourself from any relationships with women – as they are evil – and so you prefer men and officially you are homosexual.

Old vows from former incarnations can also work this way but quite often these are bad experiences, traumatic experiences which made you come to unhealthy conclusions which have these long term effects.

From a spiritual point of view it is possible to some degree to help homosexual people to heal from such traumatic experiences or to help to adapt better to the new and unknown sex. But I think that nearly no one would take this opportunity. As long as everyone is happy all is good.

Regarding the natural causes for homosexuality there is also no need at all to condemn homosexual people. It makes no sense. And it does not help in any way. And certainly there is no devil and no hell waiting for a homosexual man or woman.

And please do not condemn yourself for being homosexual. God loves you as you are – in a most unconditional and all-embracing way – as you are a child of God. So release your distress, let yourself heal and be authentic.

If we all showed respect and understanding for each other then the world would be a true paradise.

Who knows of which sex you will be in your next incarnation?

May the divine love heal the wounds of all those who are haunted by religious dogmas!

Love and peace to you my friends!

Yours, Ray