Space clearing – space healing

It is a matter of life that we have to deal with all kinds of undesirable influences, negative energies, negative thoughts, emotions, happenings, etc. Often there are also smaller beings involved which feed from these bad energies.

So we are forced to work regularly on cleaning and maybe healing ourselves and the space we live in. Energetic hygiene is very useful like or even more than physical hygiene.

In fact we have three steps or aspects:

First step: Comprehensive cleaning of all unwanted energies and beings.

Second step: Healing and vitalizing

Third step: Conscious cultivation of a positive, healthy energy

These steps are useful for your microcosm and for your space where you live and work, especially where you rest or sleep.

The question is now how you can do it. You can use a simple but also powerful technique:

Imagine yourself in the center of violet energy, powerful violet energy. This violet energy has many qualities of Akasha but it is “real” energy. So you are in the center of powerful violet energy which is surrounding you. This violet energy has the quality to penetrate you and all objects. There are no obstacles for this energy. So the energy is also penetrating you without any problems while you are sitting in this meditation. Violet energy is everywhere. And this energy has also the quality of total harmony, of health. It dissolves all kinds of bad energies, bad thoughts, emotions, energies of bad events, bad karma, etc. And the violet energy has the effect to cause balance. It has great healing power on all planes. The violet energy is deadly for parasites, negative beings. They cannot resist the violet energy, die and dissolve completely. Also all negative energy channels dissolve and all wounds are healed by the violet energy. The violet energy causes a complete clearing and healing. And the longer you meditate about these facts the stronger are the effects.

Second step: Now you focus on the idea that you are a microcosm, this means that you have an own energy atmosphere around you, looking like an egg or a sphere which is full of your energies. Imagine now that the violet energy is filling your whole microcosm, your aura, your body and that it is unfolding its work – clearing, healing and balancing you completely. All parasites, etc. are killed and dissolved, all wounds are healed, etc. Meditate about this for a good while until you feel much clearer, balanced and liberated from bad influences. Your whole aura must be cleared!

Third step: Focus on the idea that you are also sitting in your flat or room or house and that also this space is filled with violet energy which does its work there too. Keep the meditation that the violet energy is clearing the whole energy in your house/room/flat. Here the main focus is on clearing and dissolving bad energies and parasites, also bad influences.

Last step: You can imagine that the violet energy dissolves from your microcosm and your rooms back to the universe and that you and your house look now very clean, white, wonderful.

You can repeat such meditations as it feels necessary for you. It is a very powerful technique as Akasha is involved.

You can use it also for healing people with psychic problems or diseases in general but take care about all aspects of healing as usual.

If you like you can create useful atmospheres for your living space. Here meditate about a wonderful energy filling your rooms, etc. with the desired qualities of vitality, feeling well, etc. For example in your bed room you want to sleep well and recover during the night. In your living room you want to feel good with your family. In your office you want to do a good job. And so on. Just follow your intuition and influence consciously the energy atmosphere in your space.

The work with violet energy can cause quick and amazing changes in your situation and life. It is all just depending on your meditation and time. Half an hour of meditation should be enough for good results. Just keep focusing on the violet energy, its qualities, powers and what the energy is doing.

May this bring relief for many troubles which we all have to face today.