Gods and Bodhisattvas of compassion

In nearly all religions there are higher beings, gods, goddesses, Bodhisattvas who provide the quality of compassion and healing. For example Tara, Guanyin, Avalokitesvara, etc. but also Western angels, saints and so on have this “function”.

There are two aspects. We have the male beings which show compassion for all humans by providing enlightenment, understanding and guidance. And we have the female beings which show compassion by providing energies of the Venus sphere, mostly in green with cleaning, healing, vitalizing effects also connecting back to natural abundance, balance, health, etc.

So when you need “male” powers like enlightenment to find solutions for your problem then connect yourself to a male higher being by prayers and meditation. If you need “female” energies for healing, dissolving blockades, etc. then pray and meditate with female higher beings.

I suggest to every spiritual seeker to choose individually fitting higher beings of compassion, male and female, for supporting you on your path but also for your life, etc.

These special spirits or beings have their individual rituals or techniques for making a contact and for receiving their blessings or energies. This can be special prayers, psalms, mantras, mudras, but also special amulets, paintings, etc.

This means you get all you need, especially a nice picture, to make a good contact. Then you enter the meditative state, use the mantra or psalm, etc. and imagine the goddess or higher being in front of you. Now talk to this higher being and tell her or him that you are very grateful and open to receive his/her blessings and powers for your needs (enlightenment/healing). Now imagine that you receive the blessings or the healing stream of energy and open yourself gratefully. Keep this state as long as possible or as long as you need it. Repeat it as often as necessary (for full healing, etc.) You can do this also regularly to survive life better. Especially at night the female energies are wonderful for recovery.

In conclusion we all need a lot of healing and enlightenment and there is no one who says that we have to master all problems without any support. So be smart and take gratefully the divine blessings for your benefit.

You can also ask these beings for the support of other people, family, friends, etc. who are in bad need. Divine compassion in male and female aspects reduces suffering in all ways. Here you can pray for the other persons, animals, plants, spaces, landscapes, etc. or you can directly imagine the person sitting together with you in front of the goddess to receive the blessings.

May the divine compassion help us all!