Working with the sun energies

Just short as always: The sun energy is very special. Bardon puts it in a nice way when he says that the sun energy is the ONE power which contains all other powers and qualities. One is the attribute of God and so it is the divine power, the divine energy itself, the golden light, the golden energy which has the quality of perfection. Therefor it is also said and true that you meet God in the sun sphere. When you experience this energy in yourself then you discover your original nature, your divine nature. You experience yourself as a divine being of the sun. So no wonder why people always had a great devotion for the sun, worshipping sun gods, etc.

Besides these mystical aspects the sun energy has a great vitalizing effect which can and should be used for vitalizing, balancing, healing, enlightening and uplifting of your mind, soul and energy system in general. It also increases your ingenuity.

The energy really brings light into your microcosm which means that it makes the darkness vanish, – darkness like depressions, suffering, etc. The sun energy supplies perfection to your energy system. This means it has a great harmonizing power.

Get into your meditative state and imagine yourself into the sphere of the sun. Imagine that you are surrounded by a wonderful golden energy which has the quality of perfection, which is the ONE power which contains all other powers and qualities, which is divine, which is enlightening. Meditate about this for a while and then do breathing exercises where you accumulate these energies in your body. Focus on the vitalizing, enlightening effects. Do this breathing also with your body regions and organs. Give divine light, divine sun energy to your whole body, soul and mind. Enjoy!

It has great, wonderful effects on you in general. You also will feel more empowered to cope with all problems in life better. Depressions will leave you and you also will feel more centered and focused.

By the way – the sun energy which I mean here is earthy like gold. Pure fine sun light is something different.

So use the sun energy to strengthen your inner divine nature and to empower you for your challenges on earth.