A last comment on illusions

This topic is a little bit bothering but for some reason I have had to read unhealthy “truths” about illusions, God and creation recently again, so that I think that it is useful to give a last comment on this topic.

You can always find someone who says that we are illusions, that creation is an illusion, that life is an illusion, etc. Also that God does not exist. I think that these are wonderful statements.

There are at least two problems coming along with such statements. The first one is that often the context is missing so that you are not able to understand why he says something like this. And additionally such statements obviously lack of logic. If everything is just an illusion where is the sense of doing anything? Illusions have no existence on their own as they are only a matter of an unreal perception or experience by the observer. And when the observer is also unreal…

And here we come closer to the origin of the idea that everything is just an illusion. It is just a bad translation from Hindu or whatever into English or German.

Originally spiritual people, monks, yogis, gurus or whoever stated something like that reality is somehow unreal regarding that it is not as stable as we normally think. In fact we can take influence on reality, we can change reality and this makes reality become somehow unreal, strange. And on the higher planes the higher laws of existence allow to transform reality more or less easily, to create new realities, so that reality is like a dream where you are the creator, where you create your own reality, your own world. And when we go even higher then we can see that God, the divine spirit has created the worlds through his imagination, that there are countless realities.

So indeed we are real, the world is real and life is real. The only temporary illusion is to believe that reality is stable, that we are independent from creation and that there are no higher realms of existence. These are the veils of Maya and it is a matter of initiation and spiritual progress to unveil the hidden aspects of creation.

When someone says that God is an illusion then he probably means that there is no old man with white beard, sitting on a throne in the clouds, ruling over creation. But this does not mean that there is no great divine spirit, no enlightenment, etc.

Unfortunately even those who are quite a long time active in spiritual studies have the tendency to make such stupid statements without any further explanations. And then we have the effects that people believe that there is no responsibility, no karma, that good is evil and evil is good, that they are gods themselves, etc.

If you ever meet someone who proclaims that everything is just illusion then ask him how it feels to be just an illusion in an illusory world and if illusions like him have any rights or follow any sense?