The wise and the clever

There are a lot of clever people but only a very few wise people. Clever people are those who are responsible for all the chaos and trouble in life, for all the extra effort, for the pains and for the suffering. Clever people do not need to care about laws of nature, the right time and place, the right situation, lawful ideas, well thought out concepts, good plans, etc. Clever people just follow their subconscious impulses, their emotions, their ideas about the world, about what is good and what is bad. Clever people must realize immediately what is on their minds. They have no patience. They have no higher insights. They have no capacity to think, to look beyond their personal limited beliefs or to show empathy. Clever people are just stupid people. They are driven by their lower, subconscious nature and infantile ideas. They are like children, playing, without taking responsibility. They behave like life is just a game without consequences. Clever people believe in the superiority of their intellect and their own ego. And unfortunately, they enjoy taking important positions in society to command all others according to their limited philosophy.

The wise man checks first the situation and asks then what is useful to do for the greater benefit of all. And then he checks which laws need to be regarded and how things can be realized in the best way. He follows his higher intuition and he enjoys serving God, creation and mankind. His life is simple. Today, people do not care about wise men and women. They ignore them as much as possible. Wise people are like spoilsports for those clever people who wants to play games.

I want to give an example.

Imagine someone who is clever. This clever guy comes to a desert and has the wonderful idea to grow a forest in this desert. This might be a nice idea, but it is not really realistic. The guy has absolutely no knowledge about deserts, forests, planting forests, water supply, etc. He just has this idea, this impulse which makes him feel good and enthusiastic. And so he starts, taking a tree from a garden and planting it in the desert. The tree dies. The guy starts thinking. He needs water. Then further tests follow where the clever guy makes experiments until he understands that he needs not only water but also earth, seedlings, etc. Then he discovers that the sun is too hot. He starts thinking again with the result that the sun needs to be covered. And so, he organizes large covers. Then he notices that there is too much sand in the desert. And so, he organizes excavators which are meant to bring all the sand away. But even this is not enough. He needs a permanent water supply and so, he pipes from the lake from far away to the desert. Now he is happy, not being aware how he has damaged the whole landscape, the nature and animal kingdom. The whole effort for a questionable idea for a short time as the next sandstorm will burry everything. Today, such a person will be celebrated by people in the internet and on TV.

A wise man would approach the idea of planting a forest in a different way. The first question is why planting a forest? Because it is a precious habitat of a diversity of beings and it is good for the ground and the climate on site. So, by planting a forest, you serve creation. The second question is, where does it make sense to plant a forest? For example, there, where a forest was chopped down or where a forest is needed to help the animals, insects and plants on site. This offers simple solutions as all is given what is needed, – water, earth, fitting climate. You just need “baby trees” to set them there. In shortest time with lowest effort you will have grown your forest for the benefit of all. Let´s imagine going a step further. As we know, there are areas which were rich with great forests in ancient times but because armies needed a lot of wood for building ships for war, these landscapes were cleared completely from trees. The fertile soil was washed away by rain and so there is not a single tree in these areas anymore. So, it is a very nice idea to reforest these areas, to establish again a wonderful nature with all kinds of beings, protecting the ground from further destruction. This situation takes more effort but also brings extraordinary results. Here it is necessary to use fitting trees and to set them in fertile soil bags into the rock, so that they have all nutrients which they need. A good example are Greek islands and so one can start with a first island to check how it works and what needs to be improved when progressing to the next island. In this way, the microclimate would change and nature on the islands become wonderful again. A great service to creation and mankind.

In conclusion, there is a big difference between clever people and wise people. This world needs more wise people and less idiots, and only then we can turn this planet into a real paradise again.