The 5 poles of good and bad

Imagine a horizontal line. On this line there is a triangle, pointing upwards. And this triangle is mirrored at the line to point downwards. So, we have two triangles, meeting at the horizontal line. The left edge is the pole “good”, the right edge is the pole “bad”, the edge above is the pole “righteous” and the pole below is “equality”. Then we have a fifth pole in the center “dualistic attitude”.

This horizontal line represents creation which takes place between the poles of good and bad, – constructive-vital and destructive-deadly. Most people are in the center with a dualistic attitude, being good and bad, depending on the situation and their state. The spiritual development emphasizes the understanding of these two principles, and it makes use of both. While the student cleans himself from the old and bad, he vitalizes the good and new in his personality. The old limited nature is dissolved while the spiritual nature is vitalized. This is the same for all caterpillars which turn into butterflies. And it is the same which Shiva supports, – the process of transformation. The goal of this spiritual development is the pole on the top of the triangle, – becoming the righteous one, embodying the laws of creation and doing what is right and good. This includes the punishment and destruction of evil when it is right. If something is right, does not depend on personal preferences or opinions. It is now a matter of wisdom and knowledge, of understanding the laws of creation and the plans of God for the evolution of mankind.

In contrast to the pole of the righteous, there is below at the top of the downwards orientated triangle the pole of equality. “Equality” here means that good and bad are mixed to one thing without any differentiation. It is the typical slogan that good and bad are the same. This is certainly not true but a nice trap and evil in nature.

In this five-pole-diagram, we see all main positions for human beings. This diagram offers orientation. And as you see, there are big differences between a dualistic position, the positions of the righteous ones and those who pretend that good and bad are equal. A true master is always righteous like God. Those from the dark side support the lie that good and bad are the same to justify their evil deeds and their selfishness. And those who are dualistic in nature, doing good and bad, depending on the state of their ego, will reap good and bad fruits. The ego itself will bring you anywhere. These are things to understand and to apply if you want to reach the top where God and the masters dwell.