Physical health training and the four elements

The four elements are a main key of wisdom to analyze problems and to find lawful solutions. When we use this key for the physical health training then we get interesting results. I want to share some essential thoughts about this.

The physical training respectively the training of the physical body has the overall goal to maintain physical health and a high degree of vitality. Health means harmony, order, balance, a well-functioning body with its organs, nerves, glands, etc. Vitality means a good or high level of vital energy, the fuel which the body needs to maintain its functions. A healthy structure or system with a high level of energy is able to show a great performance, so that the owner of the physical body can interact with the material world in a free and good way. He is able to make all kinds of experiences.

Now we have fire, air, water and the earth element. On the level of the physical body and in regard of health training, we can address keywords to the elements in the following way:

Fire: Heat. Action. Unleashed power.

Air: Balance. Endurance. Breathing. Metabolism. Control of fire and water. Vitality.

Water: Cold. Relaxation. Storing energy.

Earth: Strength. Strong structure. Endurance.

The main polarity is fire and water, two extreme poles while life exists in the air between them. It is no wonder that humans prefer a moderate climate, – not too hot, not too cold.

Now, when we think about the metabolism in connection with the exposure to heat and to cold, then we see very healthy effects. Let´s think about cold showers, Kneipp treatments or sauna sessions. Heat helps the body to release all kinds of toxins by sweating and it helps to improve the supply of blood with nutrients for the whole body or body regions which are in need for healing. The exposure to cold temperatures or cold water helps the body to increase his immune defense and to manage “bad weather” better.

Regarding air, – we are surrounded by air. The only thing which we can do is to increase the volume of our lungs, strengthening the breathing function. And we can do conscious breathing for a saturation with oxygen or a saturation with carbon dioxide or to have a dynamic way of breathing. Wim Hof is quite famous these days for working with a high level of oxygen to manage the exposure in cold temperature better and specially to increase health. Before Wim Hof, we know different breathing techniques from the Yogis of India. An increased volume of the lungs offers a high level of air to manage all situations in life. It means a great endurance in all what you do.

Then we have the earth element with a strong structure of the body, strong muscles and a powerful supply of the electromagnetic fluids for earthy endurance.

We need the pole of endurance of the earth and the pole of endurance of the air element. A strong body without good lungs does not work well and good lungs achieve nothing without a strong body.

In conclusion: A small choice of exercises make much sense to maintain a great physical health and vitality which is the basis for a happy life, success and good progress in the spiritual training. Recommendable are the saturation with oxygen which Wim Hof teaches in combination with the expose to cold (showers), sauna sessions, air-endurance training like jogging and physical strength training. Here the Tabata training is a smart invention. It is a special type of high intensity training. Then the warm-up training (gymnastics) of Mantak Chia is recommendable and martial arts like Wing-Tsung are very useful to train body coordination, spirit, self-defense, etc.

Maybe as an additional note: The vital energy breathing and accumulation exercise is great to maintain health on the energy level. Here the high energy level keeps negative influences on distance and offers the necessary energy for a high performance in everyday life. There are specific physical breathing exercises which increase the vital energy level but the techniques by Bardon are simpler and more efficient.

So far, I spoke only about the physical health. Mental and psychic health need to be regarded too for the overall wellbeing.