The universal steps of spiritual development

When you examine the development of a flower from a small seed to a full-grown, flourishing plant you can notice certain steps of development, – milestones on the way to maturity. There is a state of being a seed in the earth, a state of germinating, a state of growing stems and leaves and a state where the flower has unfolded itself completely with all blossoms, where it is perfect.

The spiritual development is nothing else than a compressed form of the natural development of human beings. And so we can say that the human being undergoes comparable steps of development like a flower as it is a natural process. These steps are universal and valid for all humans independent from culture or place. We are all flowers of the same species.

When you examine the different spiritual traditions respectively the inner teachings of religions worldwide, then you can notice for instance that they all teach the refinement of the personality. For example they all work for the awakening of selfless, unconditioned love and compassion. It doesn´t really matter if this is called the awakening of the heart, of the heart chakra, of the anahata, the heart center, the divine love, the goddess of the center or whatever. It means nearly all the same. It is a step in the development of human beings which is universally valid, important and a main component of all spiritual teachings.

Some decades ago something amazing happened. All inner teachings from the different spiritual traditions and religions have been revealed. They have been kept secret for thousands of years but today everyone has the chance to choose his way to spiritual maturity.

Among the great revelations a high initiate unveiled the complete and universal path of spiritual development. His explanations and teachings are indeed the core of all spiritual teachings. His intention was to provide highest knowledge to let it enhance and harmonize the individual path according to tradition, belief and religion. These core teachings can be found in parts in all spiritual traditions and in the religious teachings but never as a logical, complete system and survey of the whole spiritual journey to absolute perfection.


I want to outline the main points of these universal core teachings:


>       The core teachings make you understand all spiritual and religious teachings as they integrate everything

>       We live in a multidimensional universe with three main planes of existence, – the mental, astral and material plane

>       The human being is analogue to our solar system, the macrocosm but only potentially

>       It is the foreseen aim of human development to unfold the micro- and macrocosmic potential so that the microcosm gets into harmony with the macrocosm

>       The spiritual seeker has to unfold all aspects of his higher, divine nature which means clearing, healing and refinement of his personality plus the unfolding of higher abilities

>       He learns about the laws of creation, how creation works behind the veils of the material plane and how he can become an active servant of God, mankind and creation

>       The spiritual seeker has to get to know himself, all three planes of the macrocosm, the hierarchy of the spheres, the four realms of nature and the different cultures, peoples and landscapes on earth

>       He has to reach human perfection by uniting with his personal god and in a second step he has to reach cosmic perfection by uniting with the macrocosmic virtues and powers of God.

>       During his spiritual training and development the seeker is initiated in all mysteries of God and creation. He becomes a respected authority and ambassador of the Divine.

>       He is dedicated to and will embody cosmic consciousness, divine wisdom, omniscience, all-embracing love, omnipotence and the eternal life (as main virtues)

>       He will become a master of the cosmic language which is used for the manifestation of creatures and creation. It means highest initiation and macrocosmic perfection.


The core teachings are like the stone of a fruit. The inner teachings are like the flesh and the normal religious teachings are like the skin of the fruit. Only together they are complete. As everyone has his individual cultural and traditional background, everyone should choose his personal way for spiritual development. This means that he starts from the skin, from his religious background in which he has grown up. Then he gets to the flesh of the inner teachings of his religion in his familiar cultural context or to a fitting spiritual tradition. On this basis he can orientate himself on the core teachings to follow his path in a most balanced and lawful way.

Last but not least the survey of the spiritual journey which is presented in the universal teachings works like a real travel planning where you know the exact aim of the journey and also the single travel destinations on the route. This is great for orientation and security. You always know where your journey leads to. You know where you are and you know the next milestone.

In conclusion the core teachings provide:


>       Orientation for the whole journey including milestones and options, – this means security and the capacity to act

>       Real understanding of God, human and creation

>       Real and complete understanding of the spiritual-natural development with all options

>       Real understanding of the nature of all spiritual traditions, teachings, techniques and religions

>       Reliable guidance in the unknown world of spirituality

>       The chance to choose the best way among many options for the individual needs

>       The core teachings come from the divine source itself and are not results of limited human opinions. In fact they are absolute and universal like mathematics


Only the core teachings are able to clear, heal, refine and balance all spiritual-religious teachings and with this the lawful natural-divine order on earth. The darkness of mankind and the self-destructive behavior must come to its end. We must restore the light of clarity and love to make the darkness vanish.