What the past reveals

Imagine you go to a past-life-therapist, maybe for curiosity, maybe for research to understand yourself better or maybe for healing of problems. You make a first session where you discover yourself in a life in France. From this life you know your present sister. She was your former aunt. Strange, isn´t it? You experience yourself with a different personality speaking perfectly French. Today you cannot speak French but you still feel a great predilection for France. You have worked as a farmer in a nice landscape somewhere near mountains. Your best friend from this life is today your brother. You all may have changed your appearance but your souls have been kept the same. You also remember similar behaviors and habits which have survived the centuries. The problems with your lungs today have their origins in the fire in the barn on your farm. You have got too much smoke into your lungs which caused you problems in breathing. You have still these problems although your lungs are physically okay. Fortunately your therapist helps you to become aware of these circumstances and so the problems vanish and already after the session you can breathe perfectly. You are really impressed by the strange experiences you have made during your hypnosis-session in your past life in France. So you ask your therapist for further sessions to get to know more about your past.

Every new session reveals more and more about the composition of your personality, of your talents, interests and abilities. You get deeper and deeper into your own history, into your countless past lives and you learn so much about life itself, about human relationships, mistakes, balancing, hurting and healing, – indeed it seems that it is all about growing, development. It is all about making experiences, good ones and bad ones as both are parts of life.

Traveling from one past life to the other you discover that you have experienced nearly everything what has been possible. You were a man and a woman, a father, a mother, a brother, a sister, you were alone and you have lived in a big family, you were a good guy and you were a bad one, you did good things and bad things. You have worked in a lot of professions. You were a farmer, a hunter, a baker, a butcher, you were a soldier, a maid, a housewife, a smith, you were a dealer, a beggar. You have wandered through nearly all cultures. You were a French man, you lived in Japan, you were an American native, an African, you have lived in Italy, in Arabia and in India. You have experienced many different cultures and religions.  You were a Buddhist, a Hindu – Yogi, you were a Jew, a Muslim, a Christian, you have followed your shaman, your medicine man, you were chased as a Cathar. You have experienced times of peace and prosperity. You have experienced also times of war and misery. You were often the perpetrator and often the victim. You had all kinds of skin color, you were fit, fat, slim, big, small, tall. You were nice, ugly, beautiful. People loved you and they hated you. In fact you have gone through the diversity of human fates.

When you look back to all these different lives, what is your conclusion?

Is there any sense in fighting, in discrimination, in hating others who seem to be different? Instead is there a sense in showing respect, love and understanding, in making mankind one big family?

People suffer from the illusions of being separated, special and independent which lead to self-destructive behavior. Maybe we all should undergo a past-life-therapy to reach the truth, to understand who we really are. Then the veils of Maya will fall and enlightenment happens.

What is your conclusion in making such experiences?