Enlightenment and then?

Imagine you incarnate here on earth. You grow. You go to school. You learn about the world, about religions and traditions. One day you feel a great desire to follow the spiritual path. Maybe you become a Yogi, maybe a Buddhist monk, a Shaman, a Christian mystic or whatever. With much dedication, love and desire you do your spiritual training, your meditations. You undergo a lot of trials, pain and sacrifices. Year after year you do your best to make progress, to unveil the divine mysteries, to experience God, the primordial spirit, the source of life and creation. From time to time you receive great insights, you feel how your nature refines, how divine love and wisdom unfold. And one day you gain a deep enlightenment. You are united with God, with the highest being and your feel complete, perfect, fulfilled, happy. You know that you have reached the end of the human evolution, of the spiritual development. You feel free. Meanwhile you are old. The so called best years of your life are gone. But this does not matter to you. You are happy and satisfied. And you are a respected member of your tradition. Your younger brothers worship you as an enlightened being. Indeed you have become a spiritual teacher to show others the right way.

Everything is good and fine.

One day you leave this world to join the other enlightened beings in the higher realms. You are a little bit sad to have to leave but on the other hand you know what is waiting for you. And indeed your older brothers and sisters are already waiting to welcome you. You enjoy the life in the heavenly world. You enjoy the divine atmosphere, the happiness, the love. It feels so great to be in heaven together with your brothers and sisters. From time to time you also meet gods and goddesses and other spiritual beings – what a great joy!

But one day a high spiritual beings comes to you to talk about your future. You are surprised. What future? For what? The wheel of incarnations has stopped for you. You have reached all aims. You have realized your highest ideals. The high spiritual being explains it to you. “Look, I know what you have done and what you have reached. But life goes on. You haven´t reached the end of your development. As we say here, you have reached holiness but not perfection. You have united yourself only with two divine virtues, with the all-embracing love and the divine wisdom of the heart. You must also united with cosmic consciousness, with omnipotence and also omniscience. God has many divine virtues which you all have to integrate to become perfect like God is. It is foreseen for you to become a perfect temple of the divine spirit. And you haven´t traveled the whole creation so far. You do not know the other realms and dimensions. You do not know all the different beings of creation. You do not know the high beings of the spheres. You are not initiated in all the mysteries of God and creation. So in fact, – there is still much to do for you. And besides this all divine missions are waiting for you where you can serve God, mankind and creation. Do you understand?” Deeply shocked you start to comprehend. After a while you begin to plan your next incarnation together with your spiritual guide, the ambassador of God. You know that your spiritual development goes on and that you will return many times to the material world to serve mankind in its development. You have also understood that no one can finish his spiritual development in one religion or one spiritual tradition. There is more to gain – always. The universal teachings are waiting. The cosmic religion is waiting. And so you start into a new adventure to work on your spiritual perfection.

Don´t forget this truth, seeker!