The nature of God and Humans

In life there comes a point where you ask yourself if God does really exist and if he does how he looks like. There exists a great variety of answers to these questions, – in parts really strange ones but this is not the topic here. You can probably imagine that God is certainly not an old man sitting on a throne with white hear and a long white beard. It is totally different and in fact a matter of real experience. In the intellectual language we can only approximate what have to be experienced practically.

What we call God is pure spirit, pure being, time and space less, infinity. In this state God is also called Akasha. From this state the eternal light is born. The eternal light has the same qualities but it is pure light. It is also called Divine Providence. Akasha and with it the eternal light are above creation. They underlie creation; they are all-penetrating, omnipresent, omniscient, almighty, immortal. The eternal light which is one – pure unity divided itself into diversity, into creation, into different planes, worlds and beings. In first place the eternal light created what is called today angels and in former times gods. The gods created our cosmos with all planets, the sun, the earth and all beings on it. Indeed you can say that the gods are the mental body, the mental expression of God. They are divine and provide all divine virtues and powers. They keep creation working.

The wise men of India defined the experience of God as satchidananda which means: Sad = pure being + chid = pure awareness + ananda = pure happiness. Indeed it is exactly what you experience when you experience yourself as a pure spiritual being on the spiritual plane – satchidananda – there is nothing else. This being is in fact behind everyone but it is so subtle that no one senses it.

Besides satchidananda there are several different possibilities to experience God and the unity with God. We can experience God in all divine virtues and divine powers in parts and as a whole, in form of gods/angels, in a personal god-form, in an impersonal cosmic unity, abstract or concrete, in an active way or in a passive way. Uniting with God is very interesting, providing fantastic forms of ecstasy.

The eternal light and the divine, cosmic virtues are so fine that human beings have to undergo a spiritual development, a real spiritualization – transformation to be able to unite with God and to bear the spiritual powers, light.

There are people which are trapped by the idea that God and enlightenment are just concepts which have to be understood. Such people announce themselves as enlightened ones but indeed they haven´t made any real experiences and do not provide any spiritual transformation. This is an interesting phenomenon.

By the way Nirvana is nothing else then another term for Akasha, for God. So indeed the Buddhists unite with God in his aspect of stillness, of cosmic consciousness. Buddhists are certainly not misled atheists.

The human being has a complex nature which mirrors the cosmos, which is analogue to the cosmos. Therefore the initiates say that the microcosm (human) is analogue to the macrocosm (cosmos). You can find this in the sayings of Trismegistus and the oracle of Delphi:

“As above, so below!”

Hermes Trismegistus

“Know yourself then you know the universe!”

The oracle of Delphi

So indeed we find all qualities and powers of the macrocosm also in the microcosm. The macrocosm provides highest quality, perfection, completeness. In contrast the human being, the microcosm is somehow imperfect, imbalanced, unfinished, not complete. So in fact the whole human evolution, especially the spiritual training deals with the adaption of the microcosm to the level of perfection of the macrocosm. (These statements include all three planes of existence – the mental plane, the astral plane (soul) and the physical plane.)

The main points of the spiritual training are clearing, healing – balancing and refinement – sanctifying / spiritualization. In this way the spiritual seeker unites with the qualities and powers of the macrocosm, – with divinity.

As it is said God planted a seed of his divine love in the hearts of men so that one day this seed may start to grow with the deep desire to reunite with all divine virtues, with the divine spirit.

This spiritual desire which awakens one day in the heart of men is start of the spiritual development, the longing for spiritual growth and total unity with God.

When you examine humans energetically you can sense in most cases that they do not provide much spiritual energies. There are only small seeds of divine energies in the heart chakra and a thin flow of spiritual energy from the divine source down to the crown chakra. Respectively small and limited is their connection to God and their expression of divine qualities and powers. In contrast to most of these “normal” people there are spiritual masters who are real temples of God and provide enormous amounts of spiritual powers. These masters have refined themselves to the cosmic level so that you can say that they are light from light, real sons of God and that there are no differences between microcosm and macrocosm – they reached total analogy, balance as Trismegistus said.