The universal religion

We have many apparently different religions and spiritual traditions here on earth. The origin of them all is the universal or cosmic religion. It is comparable with a flower which has many blossoms but it is still one flower. Some blossoms are younger, some are older, some are closed, some completely unfolded, some are perfect and some are damaged. Then there are blossoms which emphasize a special color and others which lack of special colors. So simple. Can you imagine?

I want to explain it a little bit deeper as it is very important. In former times people have known that the material plane is not the only one where life exists, where beings dwell. People were aware that the universe is full of life on a multitude of planes which just differentiate in their density. This is comparable with the different aggregate states. So all peoples around the world knew that there are planes of existence where the so called deceased live between their incarnations, that there are planes where higher beings today called angles live and that there are planes where the spirits of nature dwell.

One day in our history materialism was born and all old knowledge, all wisdom and all experiences have been wiped out and proclaimed as idiocy. The consequence is that all experiences which do not fit into the materialistic world view are not allowed to exist and so they are simply ignored or banished.

Meanwhile the materialistic science has discovered quantum physics. The scientists were astonished that these small quanta showed that everything is in interdependence and that thoughts can be enough to influence processes in scientific experiments. In different words – the new discovery turned upside down the materialistic understanding of nature completely. The door was opened to the magic world of the old cultures and their knowledge. Meanwhile there are many scientists who rediscover this old wisdom.

In conclusion – people have known always that we live in a multidimensional universe and our materialistic scientists have rediscovered this today (to some degree).

On the higher planes of existence, the mental and astral realms, all beings know about God and creation as on these planes it is an obvious fact which you directly experience. And all beings worship the source of life as they know that they are born from this source and that God gives life to them. Without God – no creation, no creatures, no life. Without roots – no plant, no blossoms. Everything which has unfolded as creation and creatures is in unity in God. So everything which can be found in creation comes from God – for example love, intelligence, awareness, power and so on. God is like the sun for our earth. Without the sun – no life on earth.

On the higher planes these things are well known and something no one would discuss. Everything is transparent, it is not veiled like on earth. Therefore all beings are natural followers of the universal religion or cosmic religion.

This cosmic religion with its natural love and worshipping of God has incarnated in the different religions and spiritual traditions according to the culture, tradition, maturity and understanding of the different peoples. This is comparable with a human being who wears different cloths but stays the same. From an outer perspective you see in main the differences and maybe you think it must be a different person. But from the inner perspective you know that it is always the same person, the same content in different cloths.

As you know, differences lead often to fears of the unknown and to war, also to the idea to have to proselytize others. Unfortunately the human being is quite limited in his understanding and so a lot of misunderstandings together with misuse appeared in nearly all religions. Only the spiritual traditions as a refined form of religion survived in a high quality.

Simplified said are religions for normal people and the inner teachings, the spiritual traditions for the mature souls to start their spiritual development consciously. Due to this we speak also about exoteric teachings and esoteric teachings, – outer and inner teachings with great differences in quality.

What are the consequences, the next steps?

Clearing, healing and refinement, also back to the roots. Nothing else helps to make progress for a better future for mankind and creation. We must orientate on and reconnect to the cosmic religion and its universal teachings. We must clear, heal and refine our religions to keep the good and to get rid of the bad. We must replace misunderstandings and imbalances by truth and harmony. We must show all people the different ways of spiritual development so that they can go their individual way to experience their true nature, the true nature of God and creation.

This is much work. But as always – a long journey starts with a first step.


PS: We have to differentiate between normal religious teachings, the inner teachings and the universal or core teachings. It is like a pyramid. At the top, first section, there are a few but most important core teachings which are universally valid. In the second section are the inner teachings which represent the different ways for spiritual development with a lot of details, knowledge and techniques. And in the third section, the bottom of the pyramid, there are the religions with their diversity of appearances in their cultural and traditional context. Here we find truth, a lot of half-truths, opinions and bad teachings.