About the consciousness of children

When you examine the behavior of children then you notice that their mind is in a different state than the mind of adults. This is especially true for little children. When they come into puberty it starts changing. Let´s have a closer look at this phenomenon: Little children live in a world where everything seems to be possible, where everything can happen. There are no limits to the phantasy and imagination of children. Further on they are integrated parts of creation, – like other beings they feel one and in harmony with nature. Then they are also full of energy, they are saturated with vitality. As they live in a world where everything is possible and everything is reality they are open and receptive for the suggestions of the adult ones. They believe everything what they are told. It is comparable with the state of trance or hypnosis. Your subconsciousness is receptive and you are in a world without limits, where your imagination becomes reality. Most beautiful is the unconditioned love which they are able to feel and to express without any shame or restrictions. I call little children “little gods” for all these reasons. Jesus once said that we have to become children to be able to access heaven. There are a great mystery and wisdom in these words. But I don´t want to explain it here.

So why are children like this? Why do they not behave like adults? It is quite simple. The soul of children is fresh from the astral plane, the place where the deceased dwell, also called heaven or afterlife. As I have explained it in a former article the consciousness and reality are totally different there in comparison to the material plane. So in fact their consciousness still takes part in the life of the higher realms and only in a longer process children become adapted to the material world with its limitations. And very often when you become an adult the ease of life has gone, the fun has gone and you suffer from the chains, from the density of the material plane. Then you have become old. And only when you do intensive spiritual training you increase your life on the astral and mental plane which increases the ease of life again and the vitality. And this is one aspect of what Jesus has meant.

So it is good to perceive children as just arrived visitors of heaven which still take part in the higher consciousness and special state of soul. They are in fact little gods, unlimited and full of joy and vitality. They remind us what we have lost by living too long already under material plane conditions. Take them as an example and you will improve your life.