The “good” Satanist

I have written already quite much about Satanism. Originally I wanted to publish a book with the title “The good Satanist” as an unveiling persiflage on the satanic activities from which we all suffer worldwide. Today I just want to show the fine differences between followers of the light and those of darkness. This is quite interesting to examine.

If you ask normal people about Satanists they would say that Satanists are psychopaths which kill animals and sacrifice them to Satan. They would say that these guys are very rare and not a menace to mankind. Just some misled idiots which should get a therapy in a lunatic asylum.  And indeed, these are the dullest ones of the species of Satanists. But there is also a different kind of Satanists, intelligent, rich, with big influences in politics, economics, media and society. I want to talk about this type of “good” Satanists.
From the point of view of a good Satanist you see the world like this:

–         People behave like a herd of dull sheep which can be controlled and directed easily for any purpose
–         People only exist for exploitation, – they are born slaves
–         People need leaders who tell them what to think, to feel and how to behave as they are too dull to decide for themselves
–         Personal freedom is not good as it means the loss of control
–         People must be kept in a permanent state of anxieties to keep control
–         People must believe in materialistic science and the ideals of consumption, otherwise they start thinking
–         Spirituality and religion are not good because they show a higher sense in life than consumption and career, therefore spirituality and religion are replaced by atheism and materialism
–         Love and family are not good as they keep people from the ideals of work (slavery) and consumption
–         The illuminated ones (Satanists) understand these things and it is up to them to exploit mankind and earth as much and fast as possible
–         It is up to the Satanists to live and rule as kings in this world and to give mankind their laws
–         Satanists are those who understand that humans are real gods with unlimited (technical) power to manifest their kingdom on earth
–         Satanists know that there is no God beyond themselves and that there are no laws above them and so there is no one who would judge a Satanist for his behavior
–         Satanists know that behaving like sociopaths is an outstanding sign of a kingly personality
–         Satanists know that conscience is something which no born king needs; this is valid also for compassion, love, mercy, etc.
–         Satanists are great inventors of artificial diseases, meds which kill more than heal, artificial wars, artificial democracies, etc.
–         Satanists know that the end justifies the means.
–         Satanists do not care about sacrificing their own comrades and people
–         A good Satanist uses all (dirty) tricks to reach his aim
–         Satanists proclaim to work for altruistic aims but it is just the camouflage for evil action
–         Satanists know that you have to destroy everything first to be able to establish a new satanic order
–         Satanists offer solutions for the evil which they have done by themselves; these solutions cause more evil than before and they are presented like the only available solutions (the best solutions certainly)
So these were the most important points about Satanists. From this list you can see that Satanists are ruling the world already. And maybe now you understand why all these disasters happen on earth.

In comparison here follows the point of view of the servants of light:
–         People are in a process of growing in personality and in parts they behave like children doing good things and bad things as they need to learn to differentiate between both
–         People have a lot of potential which they just have to unfold for a blossoming life
–         People are originally good and originally live in harmony with nature and other people
–         Mankind is a big family which has forgotten about this
–         People should behave like brothers and sisters with compassion, love and wisdom
–         People should care and support each other
–         Love is the ruling principle in creation
–         God and divine beings (angels) are reality
–         Divine justice is reality and everyone has to face it
–         People are not able to make own laws which do not fit the laws of creation
–         Human beings have a divine nature but only as potential, therefore spiritual training is necessary to unfold it
–         Divine nature means unconditioned love, altruism, wisdom, service, harmony, peace, responsibility, respect, etc.
–         Mankind has fallen out of the natural-divine order and so we are on a self-destructive path; religion/spirituality is important to get back into this natural order for harmony and fulfillment of the human being
–         Spirituality is the natural state; animals and other beings are in the natural-divine order and so they live in total harmony with nature
–         Conscience is a divine aspect of the human personality
–         The ability to differentiate between good and bad is important and a sign of maturity

These were some main aspects of the point of view of the light. Maybe you have noticed that some points of the Satanists are just misunderstood points of the servants of light. It is the old game. Throughout the centuries the brothers of darkness have perverted the truths and teachings of the light to make them fit into their ill ideology.

Today we can watch how the satanic systems break down bit by bit. Certainly the Satanists have planned to use this break down for a new and better start of a much more evil system. It is up to us to refuse and to work for a better future.