Some aspects of the magical equilibrium

Somehow life is all about balancing and the magical equilibrium is the highest aspect of it. I think a good and easy approach to this topic is physics. When you take a pencil and balance it on your finger or when you think of a pendulum then you get good insights why balancing is so important and what the effects of being in balance or not are. When you examine life and behavior then it is really like a pendulum which swings from one side (extreme) to the other side until it reaches total balance in the center. Here you can see that nearly the same amount of energy is used to swing from one side to the other while passing the point of balance, the center. It is also an aspect of karma. For example you do something wrong in life. With the same intensity, energy you did it you have to balance your bad behavior. Different example: The amount of need for relaxation is analogue to the amount of doing sports. So indeed the pendulum tells a lot about balance, balancing and karma.

When you like martial arts then you know how important it is to be centered, – to be in balance. Only when you are centered you will be able to make all moves you need/wish for. When you are not centered your moves are very limited.

Balance is an aspect of God. God sits always in the center. Dynamic balancing or imbalance is an aspect of life and creation. We all are in a permanent dynamic balancing process. It is the change of polarities. It is rhythm.

So you meet God in the center, the stillness and not outside.

In life this means, that you are and feel centered, centered in yourself, the master attitude. Being centered means to be able to act in all imaginable ways without limitations (caused by imbalance). It means freedom, power, concentration, flexibility but also inner peace and independence, it means time to think before you act or react. It means a growing mastership in life and a good connection to God.

Magical balancing comes along with saturation with all elements. So you feel saturated, you are a part of the natural-divine cornucopia. Needs and wishes decrease to a minimum.

It is the Indian sattva state while the world is in rajas and some people live in tamas.

For the magical equilibrium the work with the elements is important as you reach a state of balance which is beyond human possibilities. This means that meditation and soul mirror work is good but the energetic work with vital energy and especially the four elements is a very important aspect with very important effects. It means clearing/washing of the soul and it means saturation with all necessary energies.

Certainly you increase your level of energy and charisma by all these works as a side effect and also your success in life will increase automatically. And last but not least you will appear more beautiful and harmonious because of the changes in your aura.