After death, – the change of consciousness

The consciousness of an incarnated person is different to the consciousness after the physical death. This phenomenon has major effects. I want to bring some light into this topic as it is important to comprehend.

When you are incarnated in the material realm your perception is focused on this world of matter, material subjects and situations. The main quality of the material realm is limitation. Everything is defined and limited. And so your perception is limited and your state of mind, your consciousness is limited, limited to the material world. You cannot look behind the veils of the material world, behind the veils of Maya. So you are not able to perceive the astral and the mental planes. From these limitations the illusion is born that we are limited beings without higher interdependences, without a higher unity. Due to the spiritual training you break through these veils of Maya and you experience the higher unity and the higher worlds beyond the material plane. You get to know the truth. High developed spiritual people experience the so called heaven on earth. This means they live in a state of consciousness which corresponds with the special state after the physical death. Normal people are not able to experience this or to comprehend it during their incarnation in the material realms.

So the consciousness with perception and understanding are normally quite limited during the stay in the material world as everything is limited here. The experience of limitations leads to the idea of having to fight or to work hard to satisfy needs and wishes. This can lead to egoism and to a lot of bad characteristics like stinginess, aggressions, and so on. On the other side love and giving are quite rare as they are opposites of the experience of limitations and aspects of the divine-natural cornucopia which is a quality of the higher realms.

Due to these circumstances on earth people tend to behave in a bad way which causes a lot of suffering. Down here on earth this might appear as necessary for survival or as okay and some think that it is good. But when you leave this world your consciousness changes and you know that these things are not good.

What happens? Imagine your time has come and you leave your physical body. With this process your awareness is switched from the material plane up to the astral plane where you dwell as a soul until it is time for the next incarnation. First of all by leaving your physical body behind you leave also the complete physical world behind yourself with all the limitations, with all the typical material problems, with all the density, the chains of matter and all the heavy burdens which made you suffer. Indeed you lose this heavy weight and you really feel a deep relief. Second, the astral plane is so much easier, finer than the material plane. There are no limitations which make you suffer. In fact you feel nourished, charged with everything you need. It is an energetic saturation which you experience. It is satisfaction, healing and you know that there is God, that there are spiritual beings, spiritual guides and teachers which care about you, which help you to make progress in your spiritual development, in the refinement of your soul, your personality. The material veils have vanished and you experience the truth.

So and now imagine that you are in this special state of consciousness after death, that you know the truth of unity and love. When you look back on your life in the material world you will perceive your behavior and your problems in a totally different way. You will judge yourself and for everything which was against the principle of love, mercy and unity you will look for correction, for a possibility to balance and heal it. On the other hand issues which seemed to be important on the material plane like a big car or whatever are now completely unimportant. Gestures of love, of forgiveness, of care, etc. are now much more important. Then there is another important principle. As you understand the unity behind diversity you also understand that everything you do to others you do to yourself. So when you hurt others, you hurt yourself in fact. When you show love to others, you show love to yourself. This principle is the origin of the saying of Jesus and other initiates “Love others like you love yourself.” Love is the main law in creation as it reflects the higher unity behind diversity.

Due to these laws you decide for yourself to balance your karma account by experiencing the good and bad things you did to others. Karma is a complex topic and the planning of a new incarnation is complex too. Here I just want to show that we make decisions for experiences in a new incarnation from a different, higher state of consciousness. These are decisions which a normal, incarnated person would never make. Past-life-therapy is able to analyze which decisions have been made and for which reasons. So suffering on the material plane is often a result of balancing bad karma. Love and forgiveness are here the main powers for healing. Indeed past-life-therapy is able to heal many problems and diseases during incarnation.

So when you look at your life asking yourself why you suffer from this or that problem, disease or why you have challenging relationships with other people then you can be sure that you have made according plans in a different state of consciousness on the astral plane where you took part in the greater unity beyond the veils of matter. Life is all about making good and bad experiences, to learn, to grow, to balance karma but also to enjoy life and creation. Hypnosis and past-life-therapy can help you healing yourself, your relationships and your life.

And one day you will enjoy heaven on earth while you are still incarnated.