Ajna, the master chakra

We can say that the Ajna chakra is the most important chakra of the whole microcosm. It is the master chakra, the center of will, mental fire element and focused consciousness. With the activation, refinement and strengthening of the Ajna chakra the whole spiritual development is started. The impulse, the will to do something, to do the first step on the path comes always from the Ajna chakra, from the mental fire element.

For good reasons Bardon and other spiritual masters emphasize the training of the will power and analogue the training of the visionary imagination.

The Ajna chakra has great influences on all other chakras, on all spiritual powers and abilities.

When you do concentration exercises on the Ajna chakra then you can experience:

–         your will power increases

–         your power to manifest your wishes increases

–         your mental activity increases

–         your mental clarity increases

–         your feeling of being perfectly focused now and here increases

–         your concentration skills increase

–         mental blockades and imbalances are blown away and regulated


–         your astral activity increases

–         astral blockades and imbalances are blown away and regulated

–         your performance increases

–         your Kundalini – your creative power rises (keeps highly active)

–         different spiritual abilities and powers can awake

–         other chakras become active and refine

–         your spiritual power increases (you can use it for healing)

–         your degree of spiritualization (transformation) increases

–         you have a charisma of power

–         people respect you (more)


The effects of the concentration exercise depend on the time of concentration and on the time of repetition. Step by step you can increase your time of practice up to half an hour and more. The result is that you receive a really big Ajna chakra with a great performance and the ability to pump big amounts of energy through your whole body. Indeed you float your whole system of nadis and chakras with the electric, activating energy of the Ajna chakra – and so you get your whole microcosm activated.

One very useful aspect here is that this technique/power is able to blast all blockades, all negative, ill energies and structures. It really blows all energy channels and chakras. This is a great clearing effect and additionally with the activating effect all chakras and organs start their self-regulating, self-healing work. So you really get balance, health by working with the Ajna chakra.

I can recommend such exercises to get rid of all things which may bother you or block you and certainly also for all other aspects. But as always remind yourself that you bear the responsibility and that you also might have to bear unpleasant cleaning effects – bad feelings or thoughts, traumata do not vanish directly, they often appear in the mind to say bye-bye.

Blowing the system is nice to experience.

You will also experience that a thought is already enough to make things realize as your power for manifestation has increased immensely.

The old Raja Yogis liked to use the Ajna chakra for big steps on the spiritual path. The same is true for all magicians.


Yours, Ray del Sole


PS: You can use concentration exercises with the Ajna chakra to get your spiritual training started. I know that it can be a real problem to start your practice as often the necessary fire element, will power is missing. But by the use of the Ajna it will be much easier.

Please see the chakra system and the work with the chakras as one complete unit. The aspirant should know the purpose of all chakras and should be able to decide by himself with which chakras he does the training. Please consider in this context what I have written about the crown and heart chakra for enlightenment (book) and about the training of the chakras concerning the four elements (Superior technique for spiritual activation, etc.). In the “Preliminary Training” I have described a circle training with the chakras. These things are all good for the spiritual practice. At last you must decide for yourself what you train respectively which aims you follow.

A strong and powerful Ajna chakra is always very useful for your spiritual development and mastering your life.

Please follow always your divine guidance, your intuition.

Please also do not forget that the spiritual path means to become a grown up, – someone who takes responsibility for himself and his life, someone who makes own decisions and bears the consequences.

If you have problems or questions please study the chakra system deeper and try things practically. This will bring enlightenment.


With best wishes for your spiritual development,