Translation faults in the English version of Bardon´s Quabbalah

The study of the original German version of Bardon´s Quabbalah is not easy but the study of the translated English version is a problem. Unfortunately there are many bad translated terms and descriptions in the English book. For example when Bardon says about Ä (AE) that its color is clay brown then the translation turns this into light brown. The area of Ä is originally the anus and not the coccyx like the translator writes. The letter O has a dark ultramarine color and not an aquamarine color – like the translator says. One might think that these are only details with no big meaning but I cannot sanction such mistakes. No translator is authorized to make an own version of such important descriptions. This is satanic and misleading behavior. It can and does produce falsified results.

In general I can recommend to get the original German books of Bardon and to study them instead of the English translations respectively I hope that the translations will be repeated in a professional and true way. These many mistakes in translation are not acceptable. Today you have the possibility to get ebooks in German and to translate the parts you are actually studying with an online translator. This gives good hints about wrong translations.

I hope that one day we get the chance to publish a good translation without any faults and not only printed but also as an ebook with good possibilities for research and making comments.