The mystical path

As Bardon says the spiritual path has two sides, – a magical side and a mystical side. Magic is the science of metaphysics, the quantity aspect and mysticism deals with the quality, the intention, the inner nature. Indeed there is no quantity, power, technique, structure without a sense, without characteristics, qualities, intention, purpose. Vice versa there can´t be a quality without power, quantity. So we have two aspects of one thing. When someone follows a spiritual path then he must cultivate both aspects to make real progress. When someone wants only to cultivate magical skills and he neglects the refinement of his personality then his progress will be blocked naturally and soon as maturity is absolutely necessary. Vice versa a good soul without powers and metaphysical knowledge is very limited in his action.

As magic is nothing else than metaphysics, -science, one can write and talk quite easy about its topics and techniques. With mysticism it is totally different. You need magical skills and techniques for mystical experiences and refinement but it is hard to talk about them. It is comparable with talking about an exotic fruit. You can describe easily form and appearance but when you are asked to describe the taste, the experience of it then it becomes difficult. Normally you would say “Taste it by yourself, then you will know!”

Bardon explains a lot about magical topics but he does not say much about mysticism. To a good degree he presumes that the student has already a deep mystical desire and understanding of his spiritual aims. This is certainly right. Without spiritual desires, intention and motivation magical training is a waste of time and also dangerous. A second aspect is that there is enough study material about a mystical, spiritual attitude. The third aspect is that by doing the magical training a mystical refinement is an inevitable side effect respectively real mystical refinement is based on magical training. The forth aspect is that the perfect mystical training starts with his third book about Quabbalah.

Because there is not much said about mysticism regarding the spiritual path according to Bardon I try to explain some main points which are waiting for everyone to be experienced.

Mystical development means real changes of your personality. You will definitely be not the same person you were when you once began.

Changes come automatically with the practice of each magical exercise. A first important change comes along with the mastery of the thoughts, – the stillness of mind. Normally you are not aware of the amounts of thoughts running through your mind. In fact you are permanently occupied with different kinds of thoughts and emotions. There is no break, no point where you can recover yourself from all these thoughts. The Indian masters compare it with a jungle full of monkeys or waves on the surface of a lake. So when you have reached the state of stillness in your mind and also in your soul then you experience something totally new, – the monkeys have left the jungle, the surface of the lake became clear so that you can see the ground (God), your mind is still, the world has stopped, now you are in touch with the background, the source of creation, of life. Stillness of mind is indeed very relaxing. Your mind is vast and clear like the cloudless sky. Your awareness has reached 100% and so you are able to perceive the world completely, – not with a dull, sleepy and limited awareness as usual. With the stillness in your mind you are anchored in God, you are one with God and you can receive a powerful, extreme enlightenment. Stillness of mind means that you create a mental vacuum and something like this cannot exist and so your vacuum is filled with divine spirit, divine enlightenment, a higher, cosmic consciousness.  You experience God. Your intuition and inspiration is increased, also your ability to adapt yourself to other people, to comprehend them is raised. With such a refined and clear mind your intellectual and meditative abilities are improved. Last but not least your are liberated from the slavery of the train of thoughts.

Regarding the work with the senses you will experience that your vitality in all four elements is strengthened and refined, – on mental and on the level of soul as both are analogue. So indeed your mind works much better, your perception is better and your soul feels more alive than ever before. Your will power, your intellect, your feeling/perception and your consciousness are improved, vitalized.

Later you work with vital energy and then with the elements. Vital energy exercises increase your level of energy in general. You become a power station with much more energy than normal people. This increases your health, also your energetic health protection and it increases your assertiveness in life, also your charisma and your ability to realize your wishes. The exercises vitalize your whole body and support all self-healing processes. The exercises with the elements have a great effect on the clearing, strengthening, refining, harmonizing and “expanding” of your soul including positive effects on your mind, mental body. So in fact the soul mirror work is good and necessary but the major work on your personality is done with the breathing exercises of the elements. This work dissolves also negative character qualities and builds up positive characteristics in form of naturally and automatically cultivation. Regarding the work with the elements a deeper balance between the female and male aspects of your personality is reached. Normally you can say that men have a dominance of the fire element and women a dominance of the water element. Therefore characteristics of the water element are missing concerning men, – everything around “feelings” and empathy and vice versa women miss often characteristics of the fire element like will power and assertiveness. This is simplified and in general meaning. By the work with the element energies men learn to feel and women learn to be powerful, – simplified said. In fact the elements are balanced and so the magician feels complete in his female and male aspects.

Later you work with light, Akasha and the fluids. Light is pure intelligence, it is basic food of all processes of your mind. So by doing the light breathing exercises you increase your intelligence, your ingenuity, your intellectual abilities, you become enlightened, you enlighten your whole system. Light has also great healing powers as the body can use light directly for self-healing processes without extra work like it is needed by using vital energy. Working with light increases all analogue fire element abilities, powers and qualities. Your power of manifestation, your faith will grow.

Working with Akasha will increase all analogue abilities, powers and qualities of Akasha in your personality. Your nature adapts itself to God, to Akasha. Your intuition and inspiration is raised. You become familiar with the state of being time- and spaceless. You get to know the meaning of “nirvana”, of the “nothing” which is underlying creation, which is giving life to creation, the source of all sources. In fact you can experience yourself as “nothing”, so that other beings or objects pass through you. This is certainly a very strange experience.

Last but not least you become master of the two fluids, the two universal powers from which everything is made. This means you increase your power immensely to degrees of almightiness. Indeed with the mastery of the two fluids there are no limits left for you. Qualities and powers like almightiness are something unknown for normal people and have to be experienced, to be tasted to comprehend their nature. Such states have to do with immense dynamic power in your microcosm, – you as a power station and with a change of your consciousness, – spiritual authority. You become so powerful that your wishes, your thoughts already manifest in shortest time, also down to the physical plane. This can be very dangerous but as you are refined in mind and soul you can manage this responsibility.

Beside this extraordinary power, the two fluids support all healing processes in yourself and improve all analogue abilities, qualities and powers in yourself. In fact you become the master of duality. This sets your authority in creation to the top of the triangle, there where the One is, God, divine authority and power.

At the end of “Initiation into Hermetics” you learn to manifest all four divine qualities which comes along with merging with God in his highest virtues, – qualities and powers, – you become a God-Human. This means also that you become perfect in your human nature – you are the perfect pentagram, the perfect microcosm. The merging with divine virtues means that you incorporate them, – you are divine all-embracing love, your nature is almightiness, your consciousness is divine, etc. You are not longer a limited human being. Indeed you have created yourself completely new as a god. The more you work on incorporating divine virtues the more you leave your human nature behind. Through the whole training you transform, strengthen, refine and also heal yourself to higher degrees in small steps. You expand all human qualities and powers more and more until you reach divine degrees. Parallel you dissolve and clear all negative, limited characteristics. In fact you really grow on mental and astral plane. Certainly you will not be able to think, feel and behave as limited as before starting the training or as other normal humans. I also must say that many illusions burst like bubbles as your comprehension of humans, God and creation increases more and more. Many typical human needs, wishes and habits lose their value so that you are not longer interested in them. By all the exercises you do you are so fulfilled that it seems that you could lead a life as an ascetic and still be happy. With all these changes your relationships to yourself, your beloved ones, your partner and all people, creatures, etc. will change too. People will feel that you are something special, something divine in best meaning and so they will come to you to feel your positive energetic radiation, to ask you for advice, to enjoy your company, also to receive healing through your radiation. People and animals do this automatically on the level of subconsciousness perception. They feel good, relaxed and healthy in your company.

The next and last step of the mystical path and development is the training of the quabbalistic letters in your body, in your microcosm. With this training you proceed from perfect human nature (pentagram) to perfect cosmic nature (hexagram). The powers which you have experienced so far were already great but seen from an absolute point of view they were limited. In the universe, better said in our solar system there are the immense cosmic powers comparable with the raw and incredible powers of nature. These powers are represented by the cosmic letters of the real Quabbalah, the divine, creative language of God. By the mystical training with all letters in your whole microcosm you adapt yourself on all planes to the cosmic level, the divine level. Indeed you refine your nature to the nature of a cosmic spirit and at last to the perfect cosmic and human temple of God. You are “the” cosmic spirit among all cosmic spirits as your nature is perfect, as you contain all letters of the cosmic language. Normal cosmic spirits contain only a few letters. For a normal human being, also for normal magicians the cosmic nature is not comprehendible. It must be experienced respectively you must adapt yourself to it by quabbalistic mystical training. Indeed the cosmic nature lies above creation and so it can´t be experienced in normal life. All letters of the Quabbalah are amazing and provide many fascinating aspects. So there is very much to experience and to adapt to. A real Quabbalist is the highest authority in creation and a direct ambassador of God. You are a perfect (cosmic) being. You have reached the aim of evolution, of spiritual development. Certainly you can increase and improve all your abilities, powers and qualities through your divine missions in the coming incarnations.

After reaching this level of perfection you can merge with all cosmic spirits of the spheres through quabbalistic techniques. In fact you can incorporate every spirit with all his qualities and powers. You take part in his nature, indeed you become one with him. This provides great experiences and a deep understanding of the spirits. When you do such a training then you become cosmic in your nature more and more. Indeed it is no problem for you to forget about your human nature completely and feel yourself as God or as a god/cosmic spirit.

There are no limits left.

The whole spiritual, – magical and mystical training is full of wonders and great experiences. The greatest treasure chest is waiting in the Quabbalah training. It contains all we long for – cosmic completeness. Then the microcosm is equal to the macrocosm – fulfillment, perfection, total balance is reached.

Then the magician is perfect in his human nature and in his cosmic nature. Bardon calls this the Nirvi-Kalpa-Samadhi. Total perfection.

Before I finish my descriptions I want to speak about the nature of God in short. God can be experienced in several different ways as he has many facets. You can experience God as stillness, – stillness in your mind. When you leave the “action” of life, of creation behind you then you will discover the silence and peace of God, the source of the dynamic life, action, creation. In this aspect God is the background of creation.

Then you can receive a deep enlightenment of God which means that your microcosm is floated by high spiritual energies, light.

God can be experienced as Akasha, as something without space, time, and limitations, all-permeating, all-knowing, – as something which is not created.

When you reach a refined spiritual state then you can experience the divine consciousness. This means that you do not feel like a human being but as a god respectively as a temple of God. Your human nature is blanked out. Divine consciousness means a state where you are superpersonal, completely impersonal. It is a form of consciousness which is not limited to a person or personal ideas, needs, wishes, emotions. You are neutral, objective, absolute.

When you work with the different spheres then you will meet God half way in the sun sphere as it is said. This means that you will experience your original nature in the sun sphere as you charge yourself with the energy of this sphere. The sun sphere energy is the one power which contains all different qualities and powers. Its quality is perfection. So what you have experienced in four divine aspects you experience it now in one power, – your original nature, the nature of the sun. This special power is represented in the quabbalistic letter “R” – God in his perfect manifestation, – the condensed, materialized “form” of God, the perfect temple. So indeed people throughout all ages have worshipped the sun and a sun god for good reasons. The Egyptian sun god RE or RA can be seen as a twofold quabbalistic formula which fits perfectly to the sphere of the sun.

Then you can merge with all divine virtues and powers in single form or in composite form by quabbalistic techniques. God has many virtues and when you merge with them in composite form then there are a lot of different variations and expressions of God. In fact all spirits of the spheres represent variations of divine virtues and powers. By quabbalistic techniques you have the free choice how you want to experience God. One very high form is to melt with the first four cosmic letters which are the source of all other letters. It is the highest four-letter-name of God “Sch-A-M-Ä”. A higher perfection regarding the four elements is not possible. By the use of a special quabbalistic formula you can reach the highest possible enlightenment. There you experience the original nature of God as what we call the Eternal Light. This means you experience the light of Akasha. When you study Bardon´s Quabbalah you will get to know all facets of God, – all the amazing divine beauty and magnificence.

I hope I was able to communicate the mystical transformation and path in a way that the student knows what is waiting for him. Certainly everyone must taste, – experience this for himself. Intellectual studies or descriptions must be unsatisfying. And these hints must be enough.

As an old mystic once said: “Get up and become Light!”


In love, light and service,

Ray del Sole