What means spiritual development?

Maybe you have asked yourself what you can expect from spiritual development. Like the natural phases of growing we know from flowers also the human development has universal, typical phases or steps. The normal human being provides an enormous potential which he can and will unfold in his natural development. So indeed what we call spiritual development is a consciously abbreviated natural development. The human evolution which takes normally many incarnations is reduced to maybe one incarnation with active spiritual training. The dispositions of mind and soul, – of the human personality can grow from human size to divine, cosmic sizes. For example love can be in its lowest degree just a matter of attraction. Then it can mean to care about yourself. In a higher aspect it means to care also for others and in its highest aspect it becomes divine and is called the all-embracing love which includes the whole creation. So indeed the spiritual training has the aim to balance, to clear, to heal, to strengthen and to refine the whole personality to highest degrees, – to divine degrees. So the spiritual aspirant becomes at first a complete, full developed human being and then a cosmic, divine being. For outsiders this is not really comprehendible as they can´t understand the term cosmic nature. This is a matter of practical training and experience. But nevertheless it is absolutely true. By the refinement of the personality the aspirant activates and vitalizes also his higher aspects of existence, – his mind with his mental body and his soul, his astral body. As a result or side effect he develops his mental and astral senses so that he can perceive on the higher planes of creation. As other laws of nature are valid there things are possible which are unknown on the material plane. These things are considered as wonders or spiritual powers and abilities. On the higher planes they are in fact quite normal but certainly for humans an honor and a sign of great spiritual maturity. In most cases these “supernormal” things deal with the bridging of time and space, of past and future and also with healing powers, special manifestation powers and so on. In the spiritual training you will not only transform yourself but you will learn all hidden aspects of the human nature, of creation and of God. You will also travel the whole creation on higher planes, the whole solar system and so you will understand how creation works, – how it is maintained and controlled. Inter alia this means that you will get to know the whole hierarchy of beings of the administration of creation, – the spheres and realms with their dwellers and spirits. In your highest training you will not only meet deities but you will become a deity yourself, a complete temple of God and with this a real ambassador of God and an accepted authority in the whole creation. You will be also initiated in the cosmic language with which creation was manifested. So indeed you become able to create like God does. At this point your training is completed and it is up to you in which arts and aspects of creation you specialize yourself. You have reached total mastership and absolute freedom in life. You can dissolve yourself into the highest, divine aspects of creation and unite with God beyond creation, – going back into total unity. In general spiritual masters come back on earth to accomplish divine missions for the benefit of mankind. So now you know what is waiting for you. What I have described here is valid for all spiritual traditions. There comes a point in the spiritual development where cultural and religious aspects become less and less important, where the inner, universal teachings become the only truth. In fact equal where you come from in the end you feel at home everywhere and you will see only brothers and sisters, – one great family.

When you study the roots of spirituality then you will experience that the most important spiritual traditions are very close like brothers and sister of one family. This is true for the Bon religion, today Bon-Buddhism, Buddhism, Sufism, Yoga, Zoroastrian, Bardon´s teachings (magic and Quabbalah), in general all inner teachings, all very old philosophies, etc. Certainly especially here we have to differentiate between the exoteric teachings for normal people with a relatively low quality and the esoteric teachings for the initiates with highest quality. The esoteric teachings are universal and so the true treasure of every real spiritual tradition independent from time and culture. It is also not unusual that masters of one tradition incarnate in another tradition to improve and develop the teachings. This supports the process of a general refinement which is an important aspect of the divine plans for mankind.

So a true spiritual seeker should know about the deep relationships among the “different” spiritual traditions. We are one great spiritual family and all our brothers and sisters provide great inspirations for us. We just have to be receptive. So we can grow together in best way.

At last – the more you make progress on the path the more you will experience the hidden family of spirituality. We all come and live from the one source.

With love, Ray